Sure would be nice if the soccer stadium could use the parking lots but someone wants to build a casino

Let’s see what’s happening with the new soccer stadium on 126th street – you know, the one in the neighborhood everyone wants to redevelop with only the best intentions in mind.

The parking complication first came to light back in May when a report from The City indicated billionaire Mets and Citi Field owner Steve Cohen opposed NYCFC’s stadium in Willets Point and was “playing hardball” over sharing his parking lots with the new soccer arena.

Those Citi Field parking lots are where Cohen wants to erect his own new casino-centered development, and the parking lot sharing looks like it’s still being utilized as leverage by Cohen as he wages an extremely expensive and thus far unsuccessful campaign to bring a casino to Willets Point.

Event parking out at Willets Point shouldn’t be hard to come by for either Mets or NYCFC fans, given the fact that Goodman of the Queens Development Group also made it clear to Community Board 7 that all parties are in agreement that they will not schedule Mets and NYCFC games on the same day.

Goodman said that, in the event game postponements and rescheduling lead to NYCFC and the Mets playing on the same day, the games will be staggered by a minimum of seven hours to ensure there’s enough time for one crowd of fans to clear out before another crowd of fans descends on this stadium-packed corner of Queens. (Via Hudson River Blue)

There were plans for more about this to come out on Friday as I understand but I pre-posted this for today.  I will be sure to let you know if something changes.

I will also let you know when the affordable housing opens.  And the public school.  And the cool parkland expansion for the new residents.