Casino opponents propose a PARK be built on the Citi Field parkland!

From, the bold is mine.

In opposition to billionaire Steven Cohen’s plan to develop a casino next to Citi Field, (Mets Police note – ON PARKLAND)  community organizers rallied this past weekend in favor of their own proposal to convert the public land into an amenity-rich park with environmental considerations.

Dozens of members of the Flushing Anti Displacement Alliance (FADA) marched from Flushing’s Lippman Plaza to Citi Field on Saturday, Feb. 3 to publicly condemn the casino proposal that they say would have devastating consequences to the community. They say that Cohen’s $8 billion “Metropolitan Park” proposal would hurt working class residents, arguing that it would lead to residential and commercial rent hikes, while exacerbating gambling addictions among Asian Americans.

“Cohen can’t fool us with promises of ‘jobs’ and ‘economic opportunity when there is documented evidence of casinos contributing to the gentrification and displacement of our residents, workers, and small businesses,’” said Ashley Du, an organizer with FADA.

This next part is interesting as it’s something @mediagoon and I have talked about.  If Steve means what he says, then why not build a PARK on the park, and we could  even move the parking underground.  After all, I believe Steve just wants the area to be nicer, right?  It’s the asphalt that bother him, no?

After all, Steve once looked forward to a place which ” delivers on the promise of a shared space that people will not only want to come to and enjoy, but can be truly proud of.”

So what do you say Steve?  Did you mean it?  Let’s make the park into a park.

At the rally, the organizers shared their own plan, called Phoenix Meadows, which calls for maximizing green space with expansive views of Flushing Bay, creating a recreational space for residents to enjoy and providing space for street vendors to sell. Their plan also promises to maintain parking with a 2-3 story garage that would sit beneath the park.