The Mets are marketing…checks notes….Senga and Diaz

I wanna thank the Mets for making this image.

Baseball Is Back has been my mock cheer every time I see the Baseball Mafia get excited that like 7 million people watched a baseball game.  Or when the NFL has 50 million people watch a game.  Baseball is back.  I mean, how could you say it’s not more popular than it used to be.  It’s totally back.

Anyway, interesting that the social media intern is hyping people about Segna (is there any actual Senga buzz?  Like he’s nice and all, but in a John Maine kind of way).   And what about Mr. Polar Bear?   I guess if you marke him you drive up his value?

Anyway, Steve is back on twitter, so it’s time for all of you to ask him why he has punted on this season and added nothing to a 4th place team.

Why should anyone be excited about this upcoming season.  I don’t even get SNY on YTTV and I don’t care since I stopped watching during Game 2 last year when Gary Cohen (net negative in that booth) got to me and I never looked back.

Baseball is back.