Mets Mendoza Watch Watch Watch

David Stearns seen here with his first choice manager Carlos Mendoza.

The Mets season is a disaster and everyone knows it.  It’s April 3rd and in the Post, Joel Sherman slipped this in.

So can Carlos Mendoza, who considered hiring Randolph as his bench coach, offer the same kind of revival in his first year removed from being Aaron Boone’s consigliere?

That my friends, begins the Carlos Mendoza Watch Watch Watch.

If you’re new, let me explain:

A Mendoza Watch would be when the writing is on the wall.  That’s not this.

A Mendoza Watch Watch would be when the press starts to float the idea that the issue is the manager.  This is not this.

A Mendoza Watch Watch Watch is when I keep an eye out for signs of a Mendoza Watch Watch.

Now you’re saying – this is crazy, it’s only been 4 games.


But Carlos is an untried manager, and John Gibbons is sitting right there.

Sooner or later Steve is going to realize he screwed up and should have kept Buck Showalter, instead of having his Craig Counsell fantasy to appease former Wilpons intern David Stearns.

When Counsell blew the Mets off, Mendoza got the job and the Mets tied to spin it like that was the plan all along.

Steve will eventually be forced to admit this.  It might be October 2025.  It might be August 2024.  It might be May 1st.