The Window


Steve is sitting at his desk, looking at the forecast on his computer. David enters the office, carrying a stack of papers.

STEVE: (gesturing towards the forecast) David, have you seen this? It’s supposed to pour tonight.

DAVID: (nodding) Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on it. But there’s actually a small window of opportunity between 7 and 9 pm.

STEVE: (skeptically) A window, huh?

DAVID: (optimistically) Exactly! Like those rare moments when the Mets actually have a winning streak.

STEVE: (chuckling) Alright, you’re the stats man. I’ll trust you on this one. But if it starts raining cats and dogs, don’t come crying to me!

David nods confidently as they both share a laugh, preparing for the unpredictable weather ahead. Steve returns his focus to his computer screen, contemplating the decision to trust the statistics.


David enters the office, shaking his head in disappointment. Steve looks up from his computer with a skeptical expression.

DAVID: Well, it seems the window didn’t quite materialize. We might as well call it a night.

STEVE: (exasperated) I thought you said there was a window, David. You’re the stats guy. What happened to all those probabilities?

DAVID: (sheepishly) Hey, even the best hitters strike out sometimes, Steve. It’s all part of the game.

STEVE: (sarcastically) Oh, great analogy, David. So now we’re batting .000 with weather predictions?

DAVID: (grinning) Well, at least we’re consistent.


Steve looks a bit disheveled, clearly having been caught in the rain.

JERRY: (teasing) You look soaked, Steve. Were you out in the rain for two hours like the poor Mets fans?

STEVE: (rolling his eyes) Haha, very funny.

JERRY: (smirking) Why don’t you just put a dome on the stadium? That would solve all your problems.

STEVE: (sighing) It’s not that simple, Jerry. Putting a dome on Citi Field would be expensive.

JERRY: I thought you were a billionaire.

STEVE: (chuckling) I already lost $300 million on this team, how much do you want me to lose? Do you want me to just be a multi-millionaire?

Suddenly, Kramer bursts through the door, his face beaming with excitement.

KRAMER: (enthusiastically) Hey, hey, hey! I’ve got it, guys! You know how they used to have those umbrellas over the stadium in Montreal? Well, what if we did the same thing for Citi Field?

Jerry shoots Steve a knowing look.

In a short tag scene before the credits, we see Pete in a downpour, recreating the dance moves from Singing In The Rain.