The 2024 Mets City Connect Jerseys – I like them!

Great job by the Mets sharing ACTUAL ASSETS.  Like lots and lots of photos.  This helps get the word out.  Nice job Mets.

I think these aren’t bad.  Wayyyy better than we could have expected.  As City Connect jerseys go they are Citizen Kane.  More on that at the end of the post.

The  Mets will wear the City Connect jerseys for every Saturday home game throughout the season, (except for June 1) beginning April 27th

The Mets Media Relations team did this one right, sharing lots of info.

FLUSHING, N.Y., April 19, 2024 – The New York Mets today introduced their highly-anticipated City Connect jersey. Representing on all fronts, the uniform honors everything about NYC that makes it the World’s City – the trains that connect our fans, the bridges that bring our boroughs together and the concrete that serves as the steady heartbeat of the city’s grit and grind.

“Our new City Connect uniforms are an homage to everything that makes NYC the greatest city in the world. We wanted to honor different parts of the city that connect to our home in Queens.” said Mets Chief Marketing Officer Andy Goldberg. “From the bridges to the trains to the streets, Mets fans across New York and beyond can wear this streetwear style look with pride.”

When taking a closer look at the design of the jersey and cap, there are several unique design elements, nodding to the passion of our fans while presenting a distinct New York style, including:

Looks like the first “leak” of the cap (from Japan) was correct

The MLB Shop is also selling this alternate cap which sucks

And as for the fonts on the back…

As Media Relations service goes, this is far and away the best support since Shannon Forde passed away, and I’m going back to things like Mrs. Met’s return.  Great job Media Relations Team!


The Mets colors are blue and orange. Any sane person knows that.

If we’re going to have City Connect jerseys, these are nice.  They are clean.  The dark gray looks old timey.  And the N Y C reminds me of these old time New York Giants uniforms, seen here in Mets throwback version, so I really like that tie.  (Plus I can wear this and make people think I have a cool alt City Connect jersey.)

Also, as Civilian Wear, these are clean.  Sometimes, especially as 30 has become 50, it’s hard to walk around in a blue pullover Mets jersey.  These are a color you can wear as an adult.

I like them., and I would much rather wear these than the 2024 Black jerseys which are awful.  Steve, how about we meet halfway and you guys wear the City Connects for your Black Friday and we never wear the below.

I like them enough that I ordered one, along with a low crown cap, with my Mets Police Blog Ads money that I hadn’t touched in a few years.  I imagine I will regret buying anything from Fanatics, but hey these are actually snazzy.

I know a lot of you think I go out of my way to pile on the Mets, and I really don’t.  It’s just that they so often get things wrong.  Today, they got things right, including great support from Media Relations.  Assets make a huge difference. Thanks Mets!

And let’s all thank the heavens that we avoided something hideous like the below

or a design like this….