Mets co-owner Steve Cohen meant to DM not tweet!

A phrase I will rarely say is “Good job Andy Martino” but “Good job Andy Martino” (who knows why you don’t like Luis Castillo).  Also while things are being weird…good job SNY.  I know, right?

If my memory works, the deleted tweet may have said something about ‘not much you can do until the deadline.”


From SNY

Naturally, I called Mets owner Steve Cohen this morning to ask about the tweet that he posted and deleted last night during the Mets loss in Philadelphia.

Cohen was flabbergasted by the interpretation spreading online that he was hinting at the team becoming trade deadline sellers.

“All in the future, not much we can do until the trade deadline,” Cohen wrote in response to a fan last night.

Cohen told me that he had actually meant to send a direct message, which he occasionally does when interacting. More importantly, he said he was not in any way indicating that the Mets will become sellers. (via SNY)

Anyway, Nathan Thurm, a spokesperson for the Mets said, “We aren’t selling.  Why would you say that?  I never said that. Steve didn’t say that. Maybe it’s you that’s selling, did you ever think of that?”

I agree with Mr. Thurm, because other than Pete Alonso, what exactly is there to trade,  You signed Lindor for half a century, and Nimmo is an actual keeper.   I guess you could move Sugar Diaz, but then what happens to that snazzy light show.

Anyway, great job as always Steve. It’s good that the Wilpons are gone. You and Alex are nailing this ownership thing, and the marketing has been on point.