Mets Suite: $30,000 plus $28 in fees

On my travels on the interwebs this morning I was served an ad for the Mets Suites.

I suspect that demand for Mets tickets is low, so I decided to see if I could get a quote for a SATURDAY in JULY against THE BRAVES.   

So, I don’t want to hear about how school isn’t out yet, or the weather, or how people are watching the Knicks and Rangers.  This isn’t Tuesday night against the Marlins.

I think my favorite part of the $30,000 suite is that they tag on $28 in fees instead of just eating the fees.   Even f you had $30K, don’t the fees make you want to tell the Mets to go Alonso themselves?

OK, how about a cheaper box?  Here’s where it gets funnier.  This box is “only” $15,000 and the fees have gone down…..from $28 to….wait for it…$27.

I am not an expert in Suitenomics.   Why are the fees a dollar less?  Does the maid get a $1 tip for the $30,000 box?  Do the electrons cost a dollar more to process a larger transaction?  What are these fees even covering????