Mendoza Watch Watch: “…Manager has lost control” appears in article

For newer readers, a Watch Watch is when we see what others are writing about a possible manager watch.

In the Post, Joel Sherman writes: (the bold is mine)

Mendoza is a first-year manager and while he has handled himself well and forged strong relationships with his bosses, clubhouse and reporters, his team has played sloppily. At some point that reflects on the manager. And, for sure, unprofessional behavior by players does as well. This is a moment when Mendoza needed his bosses’ support because it was so clear how perturbed he was by what Lopez had done, so clear that he felt this is the kind of behavior that cannot be accepted without raising consideration that the manager has lost control. 

Let me remind you:

Despite the spin, the Mets wanted Counsell, and Mendoza was the quick patch.  Steve says Stearns had nothing to do with firing Buck.  Buck is on Steve. Mendoza is on Stearns.

John Gibbons is the bench coach.