Is this proof that Gary Cohen mails in his home run calls? It appears he’s not even watching the play!!!

Gary “Sterling” Cohen on the call.

OK Gary defenders.  This to me sure looks like proof that Gary mails in home run calls just like John Sterling.

Supposedly describing every call as “To the track, to the wall, its Outta Here” is somehow different than “It is High It Is Far, It is Gone”

I want you to watch this clip closely.

It appears that Gary has decided that the ball is “outta here” but rather than watch it and describe it, he has his head in his scorebook.  I get that TV is not radio, but this sure looks like someone runs right for his catchphrase as I have been pointing out for a long time now.

Gary is tremendously overrated, and Keith and Ron carry him.  SNY should have hired Wayne.  Instead, I propose to you that Gary is actually a Net Negative in the booth.   if he isn’t going to actually watch the play we might as well edit some old Bob Murphy home run calls and let Ron play them off a soundboard.