RIP Willie Mays

I feel like I should write something about Willie Mays.  Willie’s time with the Mets was before I started watching, so I don’t have a personal connection other than understanding how great he was.

Sidebar- how do you not look at the uniform below and see that it should not be messed with Steve.

Willie Mays Mets

Now look at this

Or This

What are we even doing Steve?  I digress.

Going through my archives, I had pulled these images from a Schafer Ad I stumbled across at some point.  Love the blank uniform.

When I was a young man I was obsessed with the random assignment  of #24 to Kelvin Torve.

It was annoying to see 24 sort of retired, but available when Ricky Henderson and Robinson Cano came along, so good job Steve on cleaning up that mess.

Anyway, much smarter things about Willie will be written today, I encourage you to read those as we all say farewell to the great WIllie Mays.