MSM admits Pete Alonso not so good this year!

From Newsday

Regarding Alonso being the best version of himself: He hasn’t been quite as productive as usual. Entering play Wednesday, his average was up to .243, much better than the .217 mark from last year. But his .790 OPS was the lowest of his career. The on-pace-for numbers: 34 homers and 90 RBIs.

“I feel like I’ve been myself,” said Alonso, who has been better lately. “I’m doing a good job of trying to win baseball games and putting my efforts toward that. Performing and not performing, there’s ebbs and flows to the season. Over the course of the year, everything will even out and be where it’s supposed to be.”

While Pete did homer last night, his brand of baseball continues to lead the Mets to 4th place.  You and your wild card talk can stick a sock in it.  It’s 4th place baseball.