I Know a TD When I See One (NFL Should Ditch Replay)

One of the interesting things that came out of ESPN’s telecast of the 1958 NFL Championship Game was how it’s clear the modern player hits replay.  

I feel the NFL should get rid of replay.   It not only slows the game down, but winds up ruining the game when coaches take stabs at hoping a replay turns into the reset button.

I need you to watch something from yesterday’s Falcons game.  I know a touchdown when I see one, and this is a touchdown.  I had nothing riding on the game.  No money, no fantasy players, and I couldn’t care less about the Falcons, but this is a touchdown.

I’d embed the file, but I guess the NFL will go bankrupt if we all start sharing highlight clips, so the best I can do for you is a link:  This Should Be A TD   Go watch that and then come back.

OK, now isn’t that obviously a touchdown?   Why review that?   I know a TD when I see it.   That’s a touchdown.


Where Are They Now: Jerry Koosman (Daily News link)

These kids today probably have no idea who Jerry Koosman is.  To you slightly older Met fans, old enough to be adults but young enough that you have no idea what it’s like to see the Mets win a World Series – he’s Ron Darling.   To younger fans he’s…..I dunno…..John Maine someday if he turns out to be as good as we think he is.  Never the ace, but always a solid clutch pitcher.

Where Are They Now Jerry Koosman

Koosman has always played Garfunkel to Seaver’s Simon; he’s quite at ease in the shade.
But when it comes to the game’s biggest stage, Koosman stands alone at Shea.
The Amazin’s won all six postseason games started by the lefty, including Game 2 and the clinching Game 5 of the ’69 Series, when he got future Mets managerDavey Johnson to fly out to left for the final out.
As one half of the Tom and Jerry Show, Koosman won 140 games with a 3.09 ERA in 12 seasons with the Mets.
“It was sad to leave New York, but New York was in a rebuilding process at the time,” says Koosman. “I wanted to move on and play for a club that had a chance to win.”
Koosman was sent to Minnesota in 1978 for Jesse Orosco – the only other Met to record the final out of a World Series – and proceeded to win 20 games for the second time in his career. He also helped the White Sox win the AL West in 1983.


Parcells Is a (jerk) But He Wins

Bill Parcells is a (jerk).  He’s pompous and he runs out on your football team as soon as it gets good.
I won’t kill him on running out on the Giants, but he split on the Patriots, the Jets and Dallas.
He’s teased a few teams like the Bucs and the Falcons, and he’ll tease your team some day.
One thing you can’t deny  His teams win.
Sure he’s not running the show, but I kinda think The Sparanos are getting some suggestions from the Man Upstairs.
He’s working his magic again in Miami.  It’s pretty impressive that the Dolphins can win the AFC East – and won’t it be great if they beat out the Favre Jets with Chad Pennington at the helm.
The Same Old Jets dodged a bullet today. 

Good Sports At NFL Flag Football

Mets Police Junior plays in the NFL Flag Football league and this morning’s game was great.

In the kindergarten division, neither the Dolphins nor the Texans had had a winning season.   The Dolphins trailed the entire game and scored on the final play of regulation to close the score to 14-13.

The coach decided to go for two.   Everyone applauded the call and the commissioner said “that’s the spirit!” and everyone agreed.   One play, win or lose. 

In flag football there’s no kicking.  Conversions are started from (I guess) 5 yards out, and 2 point conversions are twice the distance.

So they go for two.

The team lined up in a passing formation!  Again, these kids are 5.

The QB droped back, and threw a wounded duck to a cluster of about 10 kids.  Somehow a kid on his team caught it – but he wasn’t in the endzone.  The kid turns around and dodges a whole bunch of kids…and scores.   15-14!

What a great morning.   Very fun for all.  If you’re interested in flag football definitely check out the NFL Flag Football program.


"Greatest Game Ever Played" Wasn’t Great TV

I was pretty psyched to watch the 1958 NFL Championship on ESPN last night, but I wound up fast forwarding through most of it because of all the commentary.

Maybe it’s not ESPN’s fault.   Maybe they showed every stitch of game footage they had.  Maybe they used every ounce of radio they had (and man were the radio calls better than anything you hear today.   The quality of baseball announcing is way down, and NFL can be awful – although there’s the occasional Bob Papa or Chris Carrino on the NBA that plays it straight, and how much better is Papa now that he isn’t saddled with Dick Lynch – sorry but you all know Lynch was awful.).

I couldn’t get into the game.   After every single play they stopped and talked about it.  It was agonizing.   If they didn’t have the video, maybe they have the box score and could have had a CGI version or something.

Sorry ESPN.  I loved the idea but the greatest TV show ever shown it wasn’t.