Clean Up The Hall of Fame

Mark McGwire can’t get elected.

Pete Rose and Joe Jackson are banned.

The way it looks now, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmiero, and Alex Rodriguez won’t get in either

MLB and the BBWAA want to maintain the “purity” of the Hall of Fame.

OK, I’ll get on board with that. But if we really want to keep the Hall pure, then we have to do some house-cleaning. Time to weed out those who are “un-worthy.” Let’s start with 15 for now:

  1. Babe Ruth – The man was a drunk and a womanizer. He openly violated federal law (prohibition). He also fathered a child by a woman other than his wife.
  2. Ty Cobb – A racist and murderer. Also accused of fixing games
  3. Tris Speaker – Accused of fixing games with Cobb
  4. Cap Anson – Racist.
  5. Pud Galvin – Steroid user
  6. Enos Slaughter – Racist
  7. Gaylord Perry – Admitted to using a spitball in clear violation of MLB rules
  8. Kirby Pucket – Womanizer
  9. Paul Molitor – Admitted drug user
  10. Fergie Jenkins – Admitted drug user
  11. Don Sutton – Admitted doctoring baseballs
  12. Whitey Ford – Admitted doctoring baseballs
  13. Rogers Hornsby – Admitted to cheating in a self-penned article “You’ve Got To Cheat To Win”
  14. Ralph Kiner – Admitted to using amphetamines
  15. Willie Stargell – Used Amphetamines

And I haven’t even gotten started on the non-players in the Hall (you know Comiskey is at the top of that list).

Who else should we weed out? Or better yet, who will be left once we are done?

New York’s pernennial losers pulled a name out of a hat – 06.26.67 – SI Vault

1967, and the Mets have a promising young pitcher.

But in the second game the Mets produced their own special rookie pitcher, Tom Seaver, who beat the Reds 7-3 and showed a sample of his exceptional poise in the sixth inning. With runners on second and third and no outs, he forced Floyd Robinson to pop up and struck out Vada Pinson and Pete Rose. He tired in the ninth and lost his shutout, but the job was typical of what Seaver has been doing for the Mets in his second season of pro ball.

Against the Cubs he pitched a four-hitter over 10 innings and scored the winning run himself. Against Atlanta he lost a 4-3 game but hit two doubles and a single, stole a base and had two RBIs. He beat the Dodgers with a five-hitter and stole another base. Through last weekend Tom had a 5-4 record, praiseworthy on a basement team, and if his performance was un-Metlike, it was hardly unexpected by another team to which he happens to belong—the sharpshooting, par-busting, raisin-packing Seaver family out of Fresno, Calif. and points east.

More below:

New York’s perennial losers pulled a name out of a hat – 06.26.67 – SI Vault

A-Rod’s Crisis Management Team

Here’s a free commercial for Outside Eyes, the crisis management team that Alex Rodriguez hired to help him with the latest news cycle.

The below is taken directly from their website.

You have one shot to answer the question “What do you do?” Does your answer leave a confident, memorable first impression? Outside Eyes prepares clients to say everything they need to say and nothing they do not. We make sure your “elevator speech” is concise, compelling, and effective.

We will train your messengers on tone, optics, presentation, persuasion, and crises communication.

  • Develop compelling messages and use the most effective methods of delivery.
  • Contrast your position with opposing ones, and respond forcefully and quickly to attacks and misrepresentations.
  • Release information precisely when it will make the most news, and to the right members of the media.
  • Research the opposition and anticipate the response.
  • Monitor breaking news and manage news cycles in real time.

I didn’t find the section of the website which reminds you to work in the words naive, young and stupid as often as possible.