What The $^@! Is With The Cameras At Nationals Field

I can understand them placing the pressbox on the moon, but why are the cameras so high.  I feel like I am watching the game from a helicopter.  Every ball to the outfield looks like it’s over someone’s head.

I’d Be Fine With Meaningless Games In September

I think that the phrase 'meaningful games in September' has cursed this team.

As I watched (nickname withheld because people lose their friggin' minds when I criticize this guy) with another useless start I realized that I don't want meaningful games. I want a nice 8 game lead and lots of rookies playing.

I can't wait for (he who shalt not be criticized because he's won about 13 games in 3 years) to leave Flushing and join the Manny and Damon and the rest of the RedYanks on the north side of 161st.

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