99 Is Not A Baseball Player’s Number

If you’ve spent any time ever here at Mets Police you’ve probably noticed that I get picky about what the Mets wear.

I not only hate the black uniforms, I hate when stupid numbers are assigned.

If Rey Ordonez asked me for a zero I would have punched him in the face.

This year’s offender is Jose Valentin.  He’s walking around camp wearing a #99.   99 is a football number.  99 is Wayne Gretzky.  Even the Yankees who barely have 25 available numbers left don’t need to use 99.

The always awesome Mets by The Numbers has a list of players and numbers in a posting today.

Why 99?

Why not 8?  What’s that you say – 8 is being held for Gary Carter?  You may have a point – they haven’t given it out since 2002, and they don’t hand it out to every Tom, Dick and Fernando like they do with 17.  (Again check out this awesome site:  http://mbtn.net/number/8)

How about 24?  The Mets need to get over this 24 avoidance they have.  Either retire it or use it.   (They have a Willie Mays fetish, just letting you younger kids know).

31?  If you’re holding it for Mike Piazza day then just have Mike Piazza day and be done with it – but you better have Keith Hernandez day first.

45.   Why are they holding 45?  Do they want to honor the bad half of John Franco’s career?  Is it a tribute to a pitcher that really did nothing for the franchise after June 6, 2006?   Do they think Pedro is going to wow them in the WBC?  Knowing this franchise they’ll probably have Pedro Day before the 17 goes up on the fence.

Fine, you want to hold on to all those, fine.  How about 51, 52, or 55?

Lose the 99.  Wear 51 until you either get cut or make the team and then can steal a number like 30 from Rocky Cherry.  Yes the Mets have someone named Rocky Cherry.


NYC’s New Archbishop Dolan Becomes Yankees Fan

From the Milwaukee Journal:


On New York, [Dolan] said, he was happy to know there was a hotdog cart stationed outside his offices and that he would now become a Yankees fan.


“You did not say that,” Egan laughed, after which Dolan later tipped his hat to the Mets.

He also said he and other Milwaukeeans were disappointed when Milwaukee Brewers pitcher

CC Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees last fall. “Now, well here I am, CC.”




If he’s a Brewers fan just be a Brewers fan.  People aren’t going to stop attending church because you like the Brewers. 


Just be honest, unlike certain phony ex-senators from New York – let me take that back, certain ex-senators who represented New York – who claimed to be big Yankee fans. 


I used to like when Rudy would stay a Yankee fan and not root for the Mets, but then he sold his soul when he rooted for the Bosox in the World Series.  




First Game At Citi Field not a Mets game – Yeah We Told You That Last Week

Wow the mainstream media really needs to catch up.  I’m hearing from tons of Mets fans this morning that they are upset that the first game at C-Field will not be a Mets game.
Welcome to February 17th everyone – Mets Police talked about that a week ago!
Yes it’s stupid.   It also decreases any motivation I might have to go to the Friday night game vs. the Red Sox (I’ll put my efforts into checking out New New Yankee that night).   I have my opening day seats for the regular season, that will be fine.  I don’t need to give the Mets money to see Boston in the second ever event at C-Field.  Stupid.  Typical.
MLB.com is pushing this:
7. Mets Authentic Customized Home Jersey. It comes with the 2009 inaugural season patch to help usher in Citi Field. Choose any name and number to go on it, but the hot pick right now is “RODRIGUEZ” and “75.”
However as we also discussed that’s a lie.  You can’t get ANYTHING.  Try buying a Ramirez jersey.  Not that anyone named Ramirez is on the Mets or is going to be on the Mets…but maybe YOUR NAME is Ramirez and you want your own name on the back.   The message comes back:
Your current entry cannot be processed. Some entries are prohibited due to guidelines for past and present player names. Please create a new entry.
So I can be named Rodriguez but not Ramirez?
They are also pushing these which are kind of cool:
15. Red Sox Authentic 1918 Road Jersey. This is identical to the jersey Babe Ruth wore in that championship season, when he split time between the pitcher’s mound and the outfield. Mitchell & Ness has a pretty incredible 40th anniversary look for Johnny Bench, too.
If you have $109 you can buy this ugly ring.

Peace Offering To Wilpons

Dear Wilpons,

I propose a truce.

If you don’t wear the blue/black hats or the black jerseys, then I won’t make fun of the patches.   I’ll meet you halfway and allow the non-pinstriped home uniforms, but no black.

There’s no need to write back, just don’t wear the black.