Mets Police On Today

Hey Guys. Shannon is hosting his own Mets Police show on tonight at 6:30 pm EST. It’s free to listen.The usual Mets Police topics will be discussed.

There is a call in number to speak to Shannon too.

Call-in Number: (917) 889-2723

Click the picture and it will take you to the site.

Lower Prices? Better Seats? HUH?

The Flushing Flash got sent out this morning and it included this lil gem about better seats for lower prices.
I compared the Sunday price for my tickets against the price on the the website. SAME AREA, SAME PRICE! In fact it seems all the tickets are the same.
What does this slogan mean? Lower ticket prices compared to what? Last year?
Better seats? did they fix the sight line problems?
I don’t get this ad at all.

Also interesting in this picture Wright is wearing pinstripes. That should make Shannon happy at least. I wonder how many times they will wear those during the homestand this week.

Mets Promotional Giveaways for this week

Hey guys. I don’t remember when I did this much writing.

Now that Shannon is back  I can get back to taking pictures. This comes in from FormerDirtDart(Walt).

June 23 vs. Tigers: 20,000 Go Gaga For Wright Foam Fingers Personally, I like the campaigning for Wright, but they should be pushing for Pagan write-in votes too.(Walt)

I like that the Mets are trying to push their players for the All Star Game. Makes the fans feel a part of something. (Media Goon)

June 26 vs. Twins: 25,000 Nathan’s Mets Cap (it’s a Saturday, better get there early)
Sweeeeeeeet Mets Orange, and I like the blue eyelets and top button(Walt)
I am not a big fan of the orange hats for some reason. But its nice to see another color then black.(Media Goon)

June 27 vs. Twins: 25,000 Lincoln Mercury Mets Travel Mugs (yep, Sunday, get there damn early if you want one)
It will look decent in your cars cup holder, but they should have gone with pinstripes.(Walt)
Now I know Shannon will love this. He can walk into the Yankees loving Dunkin’ Donuts and say fill up my Mets mug with my iced coffee. I like it too.(Media Goon)