Mets vs. Yankees 6/19

Reyes hit two home runs for basically all the Mets scoring today. Pelfrey has a second straight game where he did not look sharp as he has in other games this year. The bullpen kept the Mets in the game and I actually felt they had a chance to come back.

I really do not have a feeling of dread this year like I did with the team for the previous two years.

I also think Santana is going to have a good game tomorrow with some timely hitting and the Mets will win. Yes I am confident of a win tomorrow.

What do you guys think? Comment away…

The Vibe I am Getting.

Good Saturday morning guys. Unlike Shannon I am still in NY and I was able to watch the game last night. I enjoyed the whole game, it was entertaining to me. Well, until KROD came into the game in the ninth. Is it a prerequisite that our closers have to give us little scares when they come into the game? Seems that way since Franco got here in the 90’s at least. Anyway here are some of my thoughts.

I went out to dinner at a local bar/restaurant near my house in Queens last night. Usually there is a 3-1 ratio of Yankees to Mets gear being worn there. Not last night. I don’t know if the Mets have gotten some bandwagon hangers on or Mets fans are starting to believe in this team. The bar was loud and you could hear the fans going nuts when the Mets scored or made a good play. I have not heard the bar that loud for the Mets in a long time.

The other thing I have been noticing while I am out and about is there seems to be a lot of Mets hats being worn in the wild. I have been seeing mostly the traditional blue and orange, followed by the hybrid, and then quite a few of those MR MET hats that have been posted hear before.

It us great to see the fans getting behind the team again and I think it has a lot to do with the Mets playing well. But I also imagine that it has to do with the Mets organization becoming more fan friendly this year then last. Tours, Museums, and even acknowledging the bloggers to me makes it seems like they are listening to what the fans want.

What do you guys think? Do you feel like fans are back to believing in the Mets? Or, do you think this is going to be just another let down?

Jerry Seinfeld to Be in the Booth WED.

Jerry Seinfeld is going to get into the booth with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez on Wednesday for the Mets vs Tigers game.

Now I am imagining if this took place on Seinfeld show. Jerry renews his man crush on Keith, Kramer busts into the booth and says he knows who was really the spitter, Elaine is trying to hit on Ike Davis while he is at first, and George is stopped by the Mets security to be given a Yankees style security check.
I hope I didn’t give them any ideas for a reunion show now or if they do and use this idea I wanna see some Seinfeld money.

Alternate Reality Baseball Caps

Lets pretend for a second that its 2010 in a new alternate timeline, kind of like a reboot just like in the new Star Trek movie.
New Era has these caps that use familiar color schemes but for their “cross town” rivals.

Click the pics for a full view.

I picture The Dodgers moving to San Fran, The Giants moving to LA, The Mets having won 27 chamionships, and The Yankees being the expansion team in 1962 in the Bronx.

Thanks to Matthew and Michael in comments for sending us these pics.

MLB Alternate BP Hats

First of all let me thank you guys for sending stuff in. It is making my life so much easier while Shannon was pretending to be Tom Hanks in the movie the Terminal yesterday.
Brian was nice enough to send this in. The MLB came out with alternate versions of the team batting caps.
As you can see here they took away the black from the logo and added orange to the bill.

I am guessing Shannon will probably say he likes it better then the original ones but still doesn’t like the black lines.I am just guessing at that.

What do you guys think of this?