SF Giants Honor Their Own History, Why Can’t Mets?

Read this.

The formerly New York Giants are inviting back all their great outfielders, including Bonds.  Bonds by the way holds both home run records and is guilty of nothing.  Good for the Giants.

Interestingly there is no mention of whether or not Willie Mays is coming.  (Thanks to Mike & Mike for that catch).

So the Giants and their 50 year hostory can honor their team, but certain other teams are more interested in the history of the formerly Brooklyn Dodgers than their own history.

What gives Fred?

Hey Fred, Why Do Yankees Care More About Mets History Than Mets?

There’s a staircase up by where the Polo Grounds were.  (image uploading isn’t working right now but you can see it in the articles below).

Fred Wilpon has never heard of the Polo Grounds.   Fred, it was a baseball stadium where a team named the New York Giants used to play.  In it’s later days the Mets played there.  Yes, the very Mets you own!

Now I know you only care about the history of the Formerly Brooklyn Dodgers and couldn’t care at all about the history of the Mets – but the Mets did play there and shame on you that it’s THE YANKEES who are contrinuting part of $300,000 to maintain this relic.   (The Yanks are donating $100K and the Evil Money Sucking New Jersey Football Giants are donating 10 PSL’s worth – that’s $200,000 for those keeping score at home).

If even the Evil Money Sucking Football Giants can contribute, where the hell are the Mets?

You can read more here and here.

What’s Black And Orange And Has Some Problems?

1.  Swept by Astros.   Bad.

2.   Maine on DL.   Very bad.   Jump on my Jon Niese bandwagon now.

3.   Wagner hurting enough that they brought up the closer from AA.   I like my home grown talent, but an August pennant race is not the time to lose the closer. 

A Niese win, Kunz save and a Daniel Murphy hit?  Not really the plan was it, but I’d rather lose with these guys then win with someone like Manny Ramirez or Four Inning Pedro (you know, the guy that ran out on his championship team five minutes after the parade) or Tom Cylon Glavine of the Braves.

The Jets Are Not Only Losers but Evil Too

Well, bend over, the Jets have announced they too will be stealing money from you for nothing, in the form of PSL’s.

Woody Johnson has the gall to say this: 

We understand the feeling of the fans. I think what we’re going to do is listen to the fans’ response from the questionnaires we sent out and we’re going to try to incorporate as many of those ideas into the way we package this PSL program to make it as fan-friendly as we can, recognizing the nature of our fans and how long they’ve been fans and where they sit.

See, it will be a fan friendly multi-thousand dollar check you will get to write.


Who Should The Mets Have At An Old-Timers Day?

Some day, the Mets will grant my wish to be named Director of Franchise Integrity, and when they do I will return Old-Timers Day to Citi Field.  (Or Shea if they hire me soon).

Who should be invited?

Top of mind:  All 69, 73, 86, 88 and 00 Mets, John Stearns and Joel Youngblood.

Let’s hear some suggestions!