Why I Say He’s OverReyes

Did you see the play in the 9th? Jose needs to know what to do when it’s hit to him.

He may be a nice player, but he’s destined to Cylon the Mets in the 9th inning of Game 7.

There’s some talent in there, but sometimes the mind wanders like my puppy.

Some day when they need him most – he’ll get picked off third in the bottom of the 9th.

Michael Kay Doesn’t Care About You Either (Giants PSLs)

Nice to hear Kay forget from where he came. Today he spent part of his show sticking up for the Giants and personal seat licenses.

Kay of all people should understand that sports means so much more to the people of a city than being a business.

If it’s just a business then let the Giants pay for their own access roads. Let the Giants pay for extra police on gamedays.

Michael, when’s the last time you paid for a ticket? I’m sure you have had no problem getting into any sporting event for two decades now going back to your sportswriter days.

See if you can remember your former self. I don’t know your background but I’ll guess you don’t come from money. Think back to Daddy Kay saving some money to take you to a Yankee game. I bet the old man didn’t have a few extra thousand bucks for a PSL when he sent you to Fordham.

It’s easy to forget where you came from when sitting in the pressbox.

It’s even easier to forget your fans when you’re a millionaire’s son Tim.

Shame on you Giants.

Shame on you Michael Kay.

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Thoughts on Posada, Jerry and The Crowds Tonight

So I can’t kill the Yankees for resigning Posada after the year he had in 2007, but I think it goes to show yet again that in the history of baseball from Berra to Bench to Mike Dodgers Piazza that catchers break down after 35.    Jorge may have some great years left, but they won’t be behind the plate.  Mets Police know a little about shoulder injuries and these take a long time to heal.

I wonder if the NYY’s will outdraw the Mets tonight – both teams are home.  Since we’ve established we can’t truse paid attendance, I will use television technology to eyeball the crowds.   I was at the Stadium last night and it wasn’t filled, but it was probably 49,000 or so.

So everyone likes Jerry because the Mets are winning, but would we like him if they were still playing .500?  I think yes.   He’s fun to watch, feisty with umpires, seems to know how to use a bullpen, and knows how to use a bench.   If he can get inside OverReyes’s head, watch out.    I didn’t know much about him – I pay as much attention to the White Sox as I do the Phoenix Coyotes – and he was awfully quiet when Willie was around (except that one game Jerry got thrown out of)….but I like what I’m seeing.   As I stated when he was hired, I hope he runs off 15 straight championships before retiring and going to the Hall of Fame.   What will be great about that is some jerk wearing a “26 to 17” t-shirt.

Who Makes The Patches?

A good story from the Ledger.   A nice lady from Cranford New Jersey is the one to thank (or blame) of the Mets look hideous in 2009.

As Major League Baseball’s vice president of design services, Occi, a 52-year-old mother of two who has lived in Cranford for most of her life, is the woman behind MLB’s “look” — the one who is charged with keeping America’s pastime fashion forward.

 “The look of the game, or the look of the club, it’s what people embrace,” Occi said recently. “That’s how people show their exuberance toward the team. There’s nothing better than to go into a ballpark and see everybody dressed in all the licensed merchandise, which is how they show their passion for their club. That’s great, that’s wonderful.”

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Lawmaker Wants To Ban PSL’s

NJ Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone is talking about banning PSL’s in New Jersey.

Mets Police will keep a careful watch on this one.