87 and 71

87 and 71 is the record of a baseball team havin an awful year. A disappointing year. An unacceptable year. A year that will cause major player reevaluations.

That's the record of a baseball team from New York City. Actually it's the record of both teams from New York City.

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"It’s Bad" and Maybe For The Best

Jerry Manuel summed it up for everyone when he said "It's bad. It's bad. It's bad."

Maybe it's for the best.

We're looking at a rain filled weekend, and even before you start talking doubleheaders you are already talking about starting Knight or Figueroa in game 161.

This is a team with one pitcher. Not one starting pitcher, one pitcher.

Maybe the some squeeze in. Maybe Santana throws 225 pitches on Sunday. Maybe Shea gets to have game 163 on Monday.

The Cubs are in coast-mode and are beating the Mets. What happens when the Mets start Four Inning Pedro and I dunno Knight and Figueroa in the NLDS. You might not even get to Santana.

So maybe it's best they collapse. Let Omar take the job a little more seriously before he gets 4 more years. Take a look at what the fanbase likes (homegrown scrappy kids that wear 28 and fewer Luis Castillos).

Maybe it's best we don't put playoff money in the Wilpon's pockets.

Maybe it's for the best that the team realizes you have to play hard in April too, a franchise-wide problem that goes back to the Bobby V days.

I'm ready to boo them one last time on Sunday and then join the rest of NYC in following The Further Adventures of Joe Torre.

See you at Citi Field by the yet unannounced thing that honors the NY Giants.

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Late But….Congratulations Rays!

Been up to my ears in Yankee Stadium, Mets Policing and Fighting the good fight against PSL’s…so I haven’t had time to congratulate the Rays.   The Rays who don’t have overpaid free agents from Boston, or dopey black uniforms (that I know of) and play scrappy baseball.  

I openly crib my Rays knowlegde from these guys – so hook them up with a click and a link:



Congrats Guys!

Times Rips Yankees Finale

I thought the finale was great – but the Times had an article yesterday with some interesting perspectives.  I saved it for today because I had a ton of posts yesterday that I wanted to give daylight.

This lazy “Field of Dreams” derivative starred team workers dressed in retro uniforms pretending to be the Yankees’ starting lineup on April 18, 1923, the day the Stadium opened, and assorted other greats. A security guard played Babe Ruth. A former batting-practice catcher played Casey Stengel. A tour guide played Allie Reynolds.

What’s next, Ronan Tynan played by me?

On ESPN and on the YES Network, which each broadcast the ceremony, the directors never chose close-ups, as if long shots with camera flashes bestowed majesty. The reaction shots of some current Yankees, save for an entranced Mariano Rivera, seemed to say, When I’m dead, which concession worker or usher will play me?  

I disagree with the criticism.  No matter who you get, someone is going to say “that doesn’t look like Babe Ruth” – so you hook someone up, and keep the cameras back.  I was in the upper deck and it looked “babe Ruth enough” for me.  People said it was lame on TV.  Everyone at the stadium said it was amazing andI got many text messages during the ceremony.

You can read the rest for yourself here:

Published: September 23, 2008
Sixty years after “The Babe Ruth Story,” with its misguided casting of the Babe, the Yankees proved that their casting skills were worse than the studio’s.