Blue Cap Army: Opening Day Signup

To the right (if you are reading this on a reader or Facebook come to this page you’ll see a form to submit your email address for the Blue Cap Army opening day get together.  Simply, the idea is for Mets fans to gather before the Opening Day game.  The point of the sign-up is to see what kind of numbers we have, maybe we can convince McFadden’s to let us in early or someone to buy us balloons or something.  Don’t know unless I try.

I’m finding the sign-up form to be buggy from the main page, so click here and then try it from the individual page. Thanks!

Update 3/9: the blue cap army is now on twitter and has made a friend.  Spread the word and let our numbers grow!

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32 Responses

  1. Pete McNally says:

    Count me in

  2. Ceetar says:

    I’m 99% in. Just gotta make sure I can snag tickets and move my floating holliday from good friday to Opening Day/Easter Monday.

  3. aaguero9 says:

    I’m in +8 (maybe more). Tailgate under the bridge at about 9am. Me and my guys are getting t-shirts made up. Maybe we can get Blue Cap Army ones.

  4. Richie G says:

    By next week or so Mets are going to have 3 game packs on sale from what the rep told me you will be able to buy in any seating level and pick 3 games you want .. Im sure subway series and opening day will be restricted in some way

  5. beesdatway1 says:

    i will be sporting a blue cap along with at least 2 of my sons and nephews @ opening day. Kids too young for mcfadden’s

  6. Rich says:

    Forget McFadden’s…Big find is the bodega on 126th street- across the bullpen gate entrance…24 oz Corona’s for $4…styrafome arroz con pollo…portable fans blowing hot air in August…1 bathroom, sort of clean….who needs AC and $10 beers on tap..

  7. Ceetar says:

    Score: Tickets to opening day. I’m in. (section 424)

  8. Art says:

    You can count me in! I just scored my Opening Day Tickets.

  9. tom says:

    myself, my wife and my friend are in for opening day!!!

  10. dyhrdmet says:

    I can’t make Opening Day, but you should do this again during the season. I’m in for August 1 on what I’ll call Hall of Fame day.

  11. Clancy says:

    Just picked up tix for me and the Mrs. We’ll be there. The Bonilla jersey? Um … maaaaaaaybe …

  12. VJ Vazquez says:

    Opening Day Blue Cap Army sign me up. I’ll be there with New Era in tow.

  13. Dana Brand says:

    I’ll be there. But I don’t own a blue cap yet. I know this sounds weird, but I don’t like to wear baseball caps. Maybe I’ll paint my bald spot blue.

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