Willie Watch: Advance Says Bring Back V

Ugh. Bobby V is the king of finishing second. Look it up. Why would we want that. However, the Willie Watch must report on what’s being suggested:

Fans have waited a year-and-a-third for this team to make a move that’s never come. 2007 was a waste. And so far 2008 is heading down the same path.

Omar Minaya… Jeff Wilpon… Fred Wilpon:

Let Willie Randolph go and bring back Bobby Valentine.

The in-your-face V is awfully high on himself, and he’s spent the last five years in baseball exile in Japan because of it. I bet he’d swim to Shea Stadium if offered the gig.

Let him return and conquer like Napoleon.

Check it out: http://blog.silive.com/mets/2008/05/memo_to_mets_bobbyv_can_save_t.html