All Hail Nick Evans

Hooray for #6 Nick Evans who was issued a “good” number, went three for four with three doubles and 2 RBI. Batting around in the first should help Willie sleep a tad better, but I’d still fear the Wilpon meeting if I were him.

Tale of two teams – the schedule this week has allowed the Mets Police to catch a lot of Yankees. Last week the Yanks were reeling, now it seems like they are rolling. Having the MVP back will do that for you. Conversely, the Mets seemed like they were on their way Sunday night and well…if you’re on this blog you know the deal.

Back to Nick. Nice to have another “Met” in the lineup. No Dodgers, Braves or Bosox. An actual Met. Kinda nice. Hopefully he can play with The Captain and OverReyes for a long long time. Hanging 5-6-7 on the wall in 2025 would be kinda nice, but I’m kinda getting ahead don’t ya think.

2 Replies to “All Hail Nick Evans”

  1. Kid looks like the real deal. It’s only one game but he looked smooth and collected at the plate and in the field. I also agree with your comment about him being a real Met.

    Was Gary Carter an Expo in your opinion?

  2. Gary Carter was an Expo. He should never have been named co-captain. Nice piece of the puzzle but was just passing through. Akin to Ray Knight.

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