Ponson and Geise: Sweep’d Be Nice

So I’m focused now on these ‘Yankees’ that the Mets face this week.

Seems that they are the former 1901 Orioles and also play in New York. They won a few chamionships last century which sort of makes them the Portugal of international exploration.

They are led by a left fielder named Christian who is hitting .400. Their rotation stalwarts are guys named Geise, Ponson and Rasner. They have a manager who has been there much longer than Jerry, so that could be an edge. They have an “overrated” shortstop who will finish his career with about 3800 hits.

Seems like tomorrow is very sweepable.

Also looking ahead to tomorrow’s papers:

– blah blah two stadiums article

– blah blah had to attend both games blah blah traffic blah blah parking could be tough!

– blah blah history of the series

– blah blah clemens piazza

– blah blah manager comparison article

Boring. Interleague play stopped being interesting when….well it never was. Give me a mayor’s trophy game any day.