Mets recap and yelling at my fellow bloggers

To my fellow bloggers:

At Tuesday nights game some knuckleheads went out of their way to film and post to youtube an illegal act they performed at Citi Field.

I wish to discourage everyone from promoting such behavior, unless of course you'd like to see more of this sort of thing representing what being a Mets fan is about.

I'm not sure but I think these might be the same guys that posted a video a few weeks back that alleged they were thrown out of Citi Field. I am guilty of linking to that one on this site. I now believe I fell for a contrived situation and wish I hadn't.

Heading forward, I think we all need to ignore these guys – major newspapers included. At least two of the papers posted the link on their sites today.

As for the actual game:

Bad loss by Mets today. That's one of those games you wish you had back come September. Can't take your foot off the gas fellas.

Several people mentioned that the Braves and Mets both wore dopey dark tops. Yes they are awful, more on that tonight.

The Mets now head off to the west coast void of limited media coverage and limited eyeballs watching SNY. If I were Joe Girardi I would go on a hot streak while everyone is watching.

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  1. Let me tell you something. I was sitting in shallow RF and saw this guy come out from under my area (I can’t actually see the Field Level stands below my position because of the obstructions) and run onto the field, I put my camera down. I don’t need this jackass’s picture.

    There’s a reason why TV ignores these guys.

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