The Royals Love The Yankees

OK, so maybe they don’t really love the Yankees per se, but the Royals – and the rest of the teams in MLB – have got to really love one aspect of the Yankees winning – it means more money for every team.

Literally within 10 minutes of the final out, MLB blasted an email touting 2009 World Series Championship gear. Since this first email, I have also received emails about World Series Pins and a special Sports Illustrated package.

Why does this make the Twins happy? Because of an agreement that Bud Selig negotiated with all the owners almost 10 years ago. MLB doesn’t have full revenue sharing. However, when it comes to any online activity – and that includes all online shopping – the proceeds are divided evenly among all teams.

The Yankees are the most marketed and marketable franchise in baseball. A Yankees WS Champion tee will sell far more than a Phillies one would have, let along the Twins for example.

So…Yankees win… sells more merchandise……Oakland gets a bigger check.

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