Baseball Digest’s 2010 New York Mets preview

About an hour or so ago I enjoyed chatting with Mark Healey from Baseball Digest, who asked me to check out his 2010 preview. It’s well written, can;t say he’s wrong, but I’m going to get through this week without being the most negative Mets blogger.

Maybe I have been wearing my Howie Rose colored glasses, bu I feel hopeful about the Mets today, and was psyched to hear that Reyes will be back.  As I wrote Mark, I won’t be surprised if Jose wins the MVP, and I won’t be surprised if he has a year not worthy of his talent.

Mark is in that Murphy-ain’t-that-good club that we heard a lot from on twitter today, and he’s also on the other side of the Mejia debate (I’m one of those guys who wants him on the team).

Player evaluation isn’t my thing.  I’m more interested in what music Mejia will choose when he warms up, so check out Baseball Digest.

Tomorrow Baseball Digest has Murray Chass on their radio show.  Murray hates the internet I think.  Check out Mark and argue Mejia with him, I’m too sleepy tonight:      Wednesday’s Baseball Digest LIVE-

Speaking of tonight, I was going to watch Yearbook 1980 and Lost and got suckered into blogging.  Come back in the morning for a Blue Cap Army update and some great pictures from Citi Field.