Mets fans: speak up, be heard

Yesterday I wrote about my personal theory and speculation that the black uniforms could be going.  I base that upon nothing but me walking around the park, seeing the emphasis on blue and orange and knowing that next year is the 50th season.

It definitely was noticed in the Metsosphere, and generally well received.

I got a very interesting email this morning from a good source.  I’m not at all ready to share it or even what it’s about – but it leads me to the point of this morning’s rambling.

I say the next sentence with all humility.   The Mets Police have influence, and the Mets Police are YOU.

We have a community forming here.  We love our team, and we’re all very passionate.

If you like the idea of no-black, comment about it.   Write about it.   Send an email to Flushing.  Write an old fashioned letter to Mr. Wilpon.

If you think the black uniforms rule – great, you’re a fan too.  Write about it, send an email to Flushing, write to Mr. Wilpon and send me a guest column – I will happily post it.

Whether it’s food choices you’d like to see, a player honored, an idea for a stadium improvement – whatever it is – speak your voice.

I didn’t really like what was in the inbox this morning, but this is about a conversation.  It’s not just my opinion that matters.

What’s your opinion?

Speak up, and don’t just speak up here.   Some day I’ll be gone (and don’t read anything into that at all).

You are the Mets Police.

Frequent readers will notice that Media Goon is writing some articles now.  Coming up this morning he will comment on some behavior we saw last night.  This movement is about so much more than a Seaver statue or what the Mets wear.

Look how great Citi Field has become.  Look at the beautiful museum!  Hear the awesome organ music at the games.  Enjoy the vegetarian food.  Come out August 1st and salute your ’86 heroes.

Speak up!  Spread the ideas.  If you’re a blogger, share my ideas and I will share yours.  Lets Go Mets!

6 Replies to “Mets fans: speak up, be heard”

  1. To the Wilpon family & Mr. Howard, please get rid of all things black in the uniforms and can we also please stop with the Dodgers’ uniforms and go back to those beautiful looking pinstripes that the team wore on Opening Day…ALL THE TIME.

  2. Well, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere or earlier or something, I think it’d be cool to see all baseball in NY (that’s not transplanted from Baltimore) honored by the Mets. This includes those 19th century teams, and negro league teams, and what not.

    I really liked the big NY uniforms from last year. I’m definitely not a traditionalist taht demands two uniforms. I even think that’s silly. I wouldn’t care if they wanted to have “Anti-Scurvy Day” support all things orange and wore bright neon orange caps.

    While i don’t care about the black, I certainly wouldn’t miss them if they were gone. I do try to aim at blue or pinstripes when I buy Mets stuff.

  3. Shannon – You know me and my last letter to Wilpons and Howard and I have another one coming soon for which part will be praising them.

    Still need to address the flag issue. While its very nice to have american flags surrounding the stadium, I think the one of top of rotunda is fine and I think they need a new main flag pole. What does everyone think of that kinda flat space behind the section that has the Bob’s Furniture for a tall main flagpole? Other flags around stadium should be other teams and like MIA and / or NY State flag. Also maybe flags for our military.

    Next dark blue outfield wall. Here I am not going to beat that subject again.

    Brige name. Someone here responded that real bridges dont have the name on its side. (Which would be facing field at CF) Well real bridges dont have ads for chips and donuts handing below them either. Something needs to be done to make bridge stand out.

    And the quick fix. I really hate that black Citi ad that is seen on every pitch looking into plate. Please a blue and orange Mets logo needs to be there.

    In Rotunda as you walk in, above should be written (and they have the room for its “Home of the Metropolitan Baseball Club”

    Hopefully Howard and Wilpons are reading this and I dont have to write my letter……. 🙂

  4. 2010 Mets record looking like the Mets 1-0
    2010 Mets record looking like the Dodgers 0-2

    I know it is only three games…but heck every little bit helps…and Chief, I admit it. I am obsessed. I just want the Mets to look like the Mets, since as Howie Rose says, we root for laundry…well, I want to root for Mets’ laundry.

    1. Let’s all collectively remember to track the uniform record this year! I’m surprised none of the beat writers went with this story yet but it usually takes a few days to bubble up.

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