Is the black the #1 selling Mets jersey?

Here’s a sneak preview of an article I am excited about that is scheduled for Tuesday morning.  I have already sat on it for 2 days, but I’m blogging on a Saturday night again (loser) and can’t contain myself.  This is another good one.

Brian has shared with me some recollections he had with a marketing executive shortly after Thanksgiving.

Here’s a tease, it’s a pretty long piece and I expect it will start a decent sized discussion:

….those who don’t like the black uniforms are overwhelmingly in the minority. According to (the marketing executive), they received a lot of positive feedback on the black uniforms in the May uniform survey.

(The executive) did say that it is their number 1 selling jersey…..

3 Replies to “Is the black the #1 selling Mets jersey?”

  1. One thing I noted in walking through team stores today was the lack of black jerseys for sale (maybe I missed something). I don’t even think I saw the all-black hats for sale either (but I didn’t really look at hats).

  2. I bet they would sell even more if they said “NEW YORK”, but, that would spread the “brand”. With that in mind, I wonder how well the current road jersey sells?

    1. damn-it, never drink and type. That should be “wouldn’t spread the “brand”

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