Will Citi Field see its smallest crowd tonight?


The Nationals are in town. It’s a tad cold. Citi’s windswirls are starting to get noticed (I notices them on April 13, 2009). I suspect the ballpark will be empty tonight.

Will you be attending the game tonight. This week?

I already have tomorrow’s tickets for sale on Stubhub at an absurd price. It’s going to be cold again and rainy.

On Twitter (@metspolice) I just linked to a funny Keith story. I’ll get it up here when I get near a computer.

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9 Replies to “Will Citi Field see its smallest crowd tonight?”

  1. If I thought I could get away from work a little early, I’d go tonight. Unfortunately, I can’t. Tomorrow and Wednesday are no-gos for the same reason, though I’d probably also balk at the weather forecast.

  2. nope not me…as part of my 15 game sunday pack I don’t have a game till the yankees. Last game I had was the win during the the rain out. almost a whole month in between games.

  3. The cheapest seats I saw on Stubhub last night for tonight was $7 for 2. cheapest for 1 was $8.50. +all the taxes and what not. face value is $11, so not really that great. Not sure how the fees match up. If you can get to the stadium by 6 probably still be some Promenade tickets to buy at $11 with no fees though.

  4. Wasn’t even close to the smallest home crowd this season. 7 games (out of 19) have had lower numbers. Smallest number this season is still from Apr 21 vs Chicago, 25,684.

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