Brooklyn Cyclones to Host TNA Wrestling

Yes I am a wrestling fan. So when I heard that TNA was coming to MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones I was stoked. Tickets for this event went on sale today for July 2nd.

I have been to the park before and I know how great the views are there. I figured seeing a wrestling show there could be pretty fun too.

Not only after the event is there going to be a fireworks show, you also get a ticket for a later Cyclones game for free for each ticket bought for TNA.

The highest price tickets were $50 bucks for ringside seats plus a meet and greet with the wrestlers.

There are also $35 field box seats and $20 regular box seats. They don’t have a meet and greet though. But you still get the free Cyclones ticket.

Ringside tickets are sold out but the other tickets are available here.

2 Replies to “Brooklyn Cyclones to Host TNA Wrestling”

  1. I gave up on TNA’s TV product years ago, but I hear their house shows are pretty spectacular.

  2. I watch the product now. It has been getting a lot better since Hogan and Bischoff came in to book the shows. It still has some grwoing pains but its getting better.
    I did get the ringside tickets for the meet and greet and the bonus is the free Cyclones tickets too…

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