Some really oddball Mets jerseys

There are many things that even the Mets Police cannot explain….what makes the Mets choose what they wear on any given night, a certain on-camera host on SNY, and most of all these jerseys (thanks Osh41 for this one):

Click on the photos for bigger versions.

Then again, I went hunting for a Stars and Stripes jersey last night so I shouldn’t rip that Frenchy one too hard…it could wind up in my closet.

Oh note to SNY, the gag with the guys who own the electronics store….done.  Was funny, now annoying.

These were at the Mets store on 42nd.   Hmmm…French jersey…strangely attractive and yet annoyinh, like a girl you know you’ll wind up hating after a few weeks and yet….you know what I’m saying.

More about jerseys: in my hunt for the S&S jersey I wound up taking a fair amount of pics which you’ll see rolling out on the tumblr….those on the main site will see them on the right side.  Email and google subscribers can find them at

Step it up! You guys know you have some crap jerseys in your closets.  Man up and email me some pics.  I know you bought a Kent jersey.  Let’s see it.  Somewhere in that closet is an Alomar.   email: [email protected]

5 Replies to “Some really oddball Mets jerseys”

  1. These are the jersey equivalent of a straight-to-DVD movie.

    someday there will be a news story in a third world country and these jerseys will show up being worn in the footage.

  2. What in the crap are those spots on the numbers? In the full res they look like blue snowflakes.

    1. Being from Clemson,SC and seeing the tiger paw i’m guessing it’s Frenchy’s homage to them. Those are purple spots. Francouer was committed to playing football for Clemson before getting drafted and choosing baseball.

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