MetsBlog and Mets Blogs ain’t going nowhere

Earlier today Man You Have Heard Of said some mean things about Matt that runs MetsBlog. Famous Man later gave a different spin to the original comment.

I have met Matt three times…we had a private lunch, a public lunch and were at McFadden’s together on Tuesday.  I like his work and he seems to like mine.   I have never met the Famous Man.   I’m not part of whatever happened today.

It did get me thinking.

I’m very interested in the New Media, and I laugh every time the old guard dismisses it.

I know why you read Mets Blog. It is a frequently updated source of Mets information.

I know why you read Mets Police. You believe that I work to keep the Mets honest on fan-related activity and you like the bit of personality I sprinkle on top.  From that I have generated enough of an audience that the Mets have hooked me up, and for that I am thankful.

I’m going to tell you a couple quick stories, not to show off how cool I am, just to illustrate how the times are changing.

About a month ago the Mets added Mets Police and some other blogs to the media distribution list.  I really didn’t mention it because I didn’t want it to be “look how cool I am.”   The Mets realize that I write about them every day and decided to give me access to some information, and sent me a media guide on a flash drive.  I get some press releases as soon as they come out, I get the lineups when everyone else does, and I get the post-game notes.

I pay for my own tickets, have never been issued a Mets press-pass, have never worked a Mets game as “media.”  I’m just a fan like you, the only difference between you and I is that I have written every single day about the team for the past two and a half years.

Story #1: I ticked off a few people on twitter about three weeks ago.   Beat Reporter I Really Like tweeted that “sources” told him Reyes was back batting lineup.  I thought the “sources” claim was grandtsanding.

I was at my son’s t-ball game and checked my email.  Two minutes before Beat Reporter tweeted it I had gotten an email with the Mets lineup.   To blow your horn about “sources” when a suburban daddy on an iphone could have had the story at the same time is silly.  I just happened to be watching my son bat.  Imagine if I stared at my phone all day.

Story #2: In the old days I would google “Mets” obsessively.  Recently the Mets announced they were going to have tours of Citi Field.  In 2009 I would have seen someone else mention it and then I would have written my own version of the story.

Now that I’m on the distribution list I got the official release when it came out at 10am.

I happened to check my email as soon as they sent it.  Copy, paste, post – it was up.

Good for me, good for you, good for the Mets.  I got content that interested me, you got information from a source you trust, the Mets got the information out quickly and correctly.

I looked around the web and to the best of my knowledge Mets Police was the second entity in the universe to post it.  The other was ESPN.  ESPN beat me by a minute.

What that means to you:

ESPN beat me by a minute.

The Worldwide leader in Sports is one minute faster than a regular old fan with an iPhone.   One minute faster.

It doesn’t mean they stink or that I’m cool.  I happened to look at my email when I did.  I could just have easily been 45 minutes behind Mets Blog or someone random on twitter…which is the point.

Speed doesn’t matter.  Reliability does.

Let’s pretend I am sitting on an exclusive story that the Mets are moving to Mercury.   As soon as I publish it – woosh, it’s on twitter, my followers retweet it, MetsBlog throws me a link, the beat reporters write their version.  What did speed get me, three minutes of exclusivity for the 6 people who happened to look at the site before everyone in the world had the story?  Take a look at twitter every afternoon when 20 guys tweet the lineup.  Do you care which guy you get it from?

The money.

Big entities like newspapers need to fund all sorts of things like reporters and printing presses and delivery trucks and pensions.

Me?  I do this for love.   Sure, I have a fantasy that someday this will be Budweiser’s Mets Police and that I’ll get to sit on my deck typing about the Mets all day.

Sadly, that will probably never actually happen.  I write anyway.  Maybe if the Mets go to the playoffs you’ll click on the stubhub ads and I’ll make a few hundred bucks this October.  Nice, but not the motivation.

So today I worked, and guess what – right now I am sitting on my deck writing about the Mets.  If I get fired from Real Job and am bored all day I might be able to close that minute gap between me and ESPN.  From my deck.  Or my phone while sitting on the beach.  Or from a seat in the Promenade.

As the newspaper websites go behind paywalls to stay alive, blogs will get more traffic.   I can sit on my deck and re-write the post-game notes and impress you with my “knowledge” of Henry Blanco statistics if that’s what it takes:

HENRY BLANCO: Shane Victorino’s steal of second base in the sixth inning was the first time that Henry Blanco has
not thrown out a would-be base stealer this season…The Mets backstop had thrown out the first five runners
attempting to steal against him this season…In the seventh inning, Blanco threw out Raul Ibanez attempting to steal
second and is now 6-7(85.7%) in attempted steal situations.
If I get cut-off from getting the official notes, that will make me sad, but I’ll just go back to making my own opinions.
Mets Police isn’t going to go away.  Maybe some day I will get bored, but I bet someone would be interested in taking over.
MetsBlog sure isn’t going anywhere, I can think of 20 guys who would offer to take over for Matt if he decided to retire.
I already get my sports news from the internet whether Matt or Big League Stew or the people I follow on Twitter.
Things are changing.  Internet.  Mobile.  Personal.  Custom.
Some folks get news their from me.   Sometimes those folks are the New York Times.
Again, I’m not trying to show off.  This site isn’t all that big and I’m not even sure I’m good at forming sentences….but the gap between the old guard and a dude with a phone is closing.

Who cares what I have to say?  I dunno – these days anywhere from one to four thousand folks visit Mets Police every day.   Last year it was a quarter million folks, the year before 8,000, who knows what 2010 will bring.

Who cares what Matt Cerrone thinks about Pelfrey? Someone clicked on his site 5 million times in December 2009.  Five million.   Could be one monkey hitting refresh or thousands of regular followers.  I bet it’s the latter.

Who cares what a blogger has to say?

You do.
And that’s why none of this is going to go away, even if it’s done by a fat guy on a deck or a young looking guy in a t-shirt.


Man, where did that soapbox come from?   Back to goofball Mets jerseys and slow-burns about the Stars & Stripes caps as soon as I vacuum the pool and go for a run.

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  1. GREAT GREAT article. Best one I’ve read in weeks by anyone. It’s real, from the heart, interesting and from a great angle…

    Stay up on that soapbox… I’m listening.

  2. I hate this. That windbag Francesa made me break my 100% fake rule tonight.

    Well thought out and well said post Shannon…they always are.

  3. Mets blogs stimulate conversations and sometimes arguments,but all is ok unless a fan goes too crazy and hurts somebody.
    WFAN praises itself as a fan talk show,and since Mets blogs encourage Mets talk, WFAN should thank all those Mets blogs that are doing their job in relating accurate and timely Mets news.

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