Citi Field Tour

Today was the 1st day for the tours at Citi. When I went to the ticket window to pick up my ticket for the tour I had seen a sign that the tours for today and tomorrow were all sold out.

Each tour lasts about an hour give or take a few minutes and everyone today that work the tours were very cordial.

There was one older Mets fan who had a cane and you could tell walking the tour was going to be a little bit difficult for her. The tour guides come right out with a wheel chair for her and had one of the other guides be her escort to push the chair along the tour.

The tour meets up in the ticket office lobby where they gather the group of fifteen fans to go on the tour. Everyone received a Lets GO Mets keychain. (IMO a nice little touch)

Our guide introduced himself and we preceded to walk into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Now, before he got into talking about the Rotunda here are the two rules for the tour. No video is to be taken of the tour( DAMN IT and I had my video camera with me.) and two there is to be no pics taken in the clubhouse(for players privacy issues).
There was no going to any of these destinations: Promenade/Promenade Club, Kiddie Field, Pepsi Porch, Acela,and Champions Club.

The places we did hit were: the different suite levels, Delta 360 Lounge and Club, Caesers Club, Press Box, Production Suite, Dugout, on the field, The Modell’s Zone, the bullpen, the Mets Clubhouse, locker room, and players lounge.

The guide said that the Starting Pitcher of the Game picks the uniform combo of the day(sorry Shannon). He also picks the music that plays in the locker room before the game.

Theres a more info thats talked about on the tour but why should I ruin it for you if you want to go. Nice tour. Not bad for first day out, they ran pretty smooth. Just remember no videos on the tour. I got asked a few times if i was shooting video by three different Mets employees. I had to explain to them my video camera also shoots stills.

I have pictures that I will be posting later today when I have some more time.

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  1. We were on the first tour – 11 am. It was a blast! At $10 for adults, $7 for kids, it’s a great deal. We were able to sit in the dugout and take pics in the dugout and on the field. It was nice to see the view from the suites to which we’ll never be able to afford tickets. It was cool to see the clubhouse, Wright has a Giants helmet in his locker w/ a 5 on it. He also has some flip-flops in his locker. The tour ends in the HOF, it was nice to be able to walk around without a crowd. We highly recommend it.

  2. Media Goon, I believe I was on the same tour as you…2pm? The tour itself was a great experience. Definitely worth the $10. The tour guides and security guys were all very friendly and I was quite happy with all we got to see. I never thought I’d get to set foot on the field or sit in the dugout. I’m glad the Mets have made this opportunity available to the fans.

  3. Hey Goon, completely unrelated, but you really need to do a Photoshop changing Oliver Perez’s jersey number to $36M.

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