Mets Police HQ Renovation update and home life sitcom

This got a decent reaction on twitter last night (@metspolice) and it’s a good weekend for fluff…

@metspolice:  Mrs Mets Police rejected my wish to paint family room blue with orange trim. Also wants to re-hang painting rather than DWright Fathead
@michaelgbaron what kind of BS is that Shannon? I mean, it wasnt Orange and Blue already?

@ceetar It was black.

@FormerDirtDart: how about some nice light-cream with blue pinstripes wallpaper?

@the1andonlyctm:  I got to put up the wright fathead and Santana but I got a big fat no on the orange and blue. What up with that???  u have to also spring for the #mets ceiling fan. eBay is where I got mine.

and here is the ceiling fan!

The nice men are sheetrocking today…I kinda enjoyed using the deck last night as HQ.

Today’s uniform choice: I am going ’83 Seaver in white.  Might go capless.

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  1. We’re re-doing our basement b/c it’s not nice enough 4 our shea seats and ramp signs. I’m thinking of doing cream w/ blue pinstripes on the wall, but don’t know what to do w/ the floor. I like the splatter painted orange, blue, black & white @ citi, have to find a painter who will do that.

    1. The floor speckled paint is kind of an industrial-like application, commonly used on garage floors. First the gray paint is applied, then colored flecks are scattered over it, and sort of melt into the paint.

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