The Mets meet the bloggers at Citi Field

Last night I was one several bloggers invited to Citi by the Mets media department.

One thing about me. When you meet me in person I’m pretty chill, many of my conversations were at a personal level and not about the Mets.

Who was there? The usual roundup of the blogs you probably read. Off the top of my head I spent time with Joe from Mets Today, Kerel from On the Black, Greg from Faith and Fear, Rusty from Real Dirty and said hi to a few others. This was the first gathering of bloggers I had been at and I didn’t get to hang with everyone because I wanted to spend some time with our hosts.

The bloggers all get along great. Everyone respects and enjoys what the others do, and Matt Cerrone from MetsBlog is the unofficial reluctant leader. Not in an “I’m in charge” way at all, Matt is pretty low key as well, we just admire what he has accomplished and he is very smart at “new media”. I didn’t spend any time with Matt because I stalk him enough as it is. Cool guy.

I did have pretty long chats with Danielle, Shannon and Ethan from the media department. All very nice people who were wonderful hosts.  Most of the conversation was of a personal connection level, nothing to blog about – although we did talk about how it’s great to be able to get accurate information out there (as I have mentioned a few times I get pre and post game notes and press releases) and a little about the Mets on Twitter and how it’s a great way for them to get info out there quickly.   (you should follow them and me)

The rainout: I think it’s important to remember the rain out. Danielle and crew could have easily canceled the event and I don’t think any of us would have been surprised.

I don’t know about you but I like leaving work.  I imagine a rainout would have been a good time to go home “early” – and let’s not forget they have a long day today – so I am appreciative that they stayed.

I was – not sure what the emotion is: impressed? surprised? – at the level of knowledge they had of Mets Police.   Remember in the winter MP had an article with an unnamed marketing executive – the person’s name was mentioned last night and yep it was the person I didn’t name (so I guess that story is accurate.)

They gave us tickets to last night’s (now tonight’s) game.  I said I couldn’t make it because I had to watch the kids.   They offered me more tickets.  That’s really nice.  I said I still couldn’t go (hard to go from work to kids to Citi) and they suggested I offer the ticket to Media Goon.

Do YOU know who Media Goon is?  He’s the guy that has been helping me out since April.   I was impressed they knew his handle off the top of their head.  Media Goon will be there tonight.

I had a yummy hot dog, a chicken finger and some water.  I can’t remember what other food was there.

So that’s the quick recap.  Maybe Danielle will mention to Dave Howard that I don’t seem like a psychopath and Mr. Howard will hang with me in Promenade Left one day.  Come on Dave, three innings.  A hot dog and a beer.  I’m buying.

I didn’t do much Mets Policing except for one question.   I asked “So who picks the uniforms?”

That answer…at noon.

I probably will have more anecdotes throughout the day.   I really enjoyed the event and it was good for us to meet them and them to meet us.  Hopefully they think I’m an OK guy and not some lunatic who sits here making up stuff to complain about (although I have a Beltran rip coming up at 10am).

I will admit some of had jokingly predicted that while we were all in the room that a firing squad would kill us.   That probably would have left The Apple as the last blog standing.  There was no vibe like that all.  I felt appreciation for our passion, not anything negative.  Very cool.

Rejected titles for this post:

“The Night The Bloggers Landed” (A Galactica 1980 reference)

“In the belly of the beast” (not sure what that means)

“Bloggers at Mets, night.” (a 1970’s style newspaper reference)

Any questions?

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  1. I kinda wish they had canceled it. Murphy’s Law struck and had me stuck at work late (and I was planning on sneaking out early!) and with the traffic and weather there was no way I would’ve made it out there in time. Drawbacks of living in Jersey. Sounds like I missed a fun event. I did meet some of you on Opening Day, but not Greg or Jason nor Matt. I’ll be out there tonight, even though I feel a little guilty for taking their free tickets (but not like I haven’t given the Mets thousands of dollars over the years, so not _that_ guilty) and missing the event So at least I’ll theoretically get to meet some people.

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