A Uni Conversation with the Mets

Here on Mets Police we’ve been talking a lot about the black uniforms.  Here’s a really interesting guest post that possibly gives some insight behind the scenes.  I have removed the name of the marketing executive that Brian says he spoke to and am calling the person Casey in this article to act as a placeholder.

Brian sent this to me last week but I am confident this will start a discussion in the Metsosphere, so I saved it for the day after a day-off which is usually a good day to get such things noticed.  You’ll see Brian references there having been three games so far.

With all things on Mets Police, this site is not news, just a fat guy in a basement sharing some opinions.  I leave it to you to decide if you find the site reliable or not, and the Mets are always welcome to comment because we do aim to be fair and correct.    I am [email protected] if something here is unfair/misquoted/inaccurate.

Hey Shannon,

First off, great meeting you with my father in the team store on Opening Day. Putting a man to the words was quite a pleasant surprise.

I wrote up my conversation with (Casey the marketing executive), about uniforms and have attached it. I also attached a version of your “compromise” so that readers could see how the set would all work (I just didn’t include the road black jersey, and you’ll read why in the post. Hope you enjoy and find some, most or all of it worthy of putting in the blog!

A Uni Conversation with the Mets

By Brian Erni

I approached the Mets unveiling of their cream colored alternates this year with much trepidation. As a die-hard fan and a bit of a collector (quite an understatement), I’ve been dying for the Mets to alter their uniforms to reflect their tradition, much as they did with Citi Field this offseason.  The starting point?  Ditching the black. So when news of a cream colored, retro pinstripe jersey started to leak throughout the Internet, I was excited.  Here’s the chance for them to have at least one look void of any kind of black.  Needless to say, the inclusion of the dropshadow aggravated me to no end.  I wrote an admittedly melodramatic email to them venting my frustrations and was surprised when I got a call from (Casey the marketing executive) the first day back to work off the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our conversation began by me taking the defensive “I know uniforms seem trivial” stance, but (the marketing executive) assured me right off the bat not to look at it like that. (Casey) told me people feel very passionate about the uniforms and not to feel silly about it. (Casey) mentioned Howie Rose and Gary Cohen were both in (the) office right before the holiday because they’re both on the newly formered Mets Hall of Fame committee. (Casey)mentioned Howie noted how much he despises all things black in the Mets color scheme and Gary doesn’t really mind it. And thus: a differing of opinions that lead to offering an array of uniforms.

With that, we got down to business. Here’s a break down, arranged by topics:

The Black

Immediately, I started in on the black uniforms. (Casey) told me that I may be surprised, but those who don’t like the black uniforms are overwhelmingly in the minority. According to (Casey), they received a lot of positive feedback on the black uniforms in the May uniform survey. (Casey) did say that those who like the black are less enthusiastic about it, meaning: “Yeah, I like ’em” rather than those opposed, who REALLY hate them.

(Casey) did say that it is their number 1 selling jersey and the reason why they axed the black road uni last year was it created some customer confusion (which I took to mean: people come in, see two black uniforms and go, “they’re the same, but one says Mets. I want the one that says Mets.”) (Casey) did go on to say the black New York road alt constantly got overstocked because people who bought the black bought the home alt, so they decided to kill the road version. (Casey) also mentioned one of the reasons black is used is it acts as a “third color” for outerwear and other merchandising.

Analysis: Based on the feedback, what this says to me is that people who like the black uniforms like it because it’s different.  I’ve always believed people who like the black enjoy it because it looks better in social situations, as in the enjoy wearing it to a bar because it looks more hip than a pinstripe jersey. Or it matches with more.  Or it’s just a break from the norm. I’m not surprised that the existence of an alternate look helps the Mets sell more t-shirts and jerseys of course, but I thought it was interesting that she spoke about outerwear. Not really sure why the Mets can’t replace orange and/or white in the places they have black in their outerwear, but it’s of note that it came up.

Blue alternate jersey

Based on (Casey’s) comments about the black, essentially saying it sells well, but it doesn’t seem to be because of their overwhelming loyalty to the black color, I asked if (Casey) thought a blue alternate jersey may be a good avenue to explore? (Casey’s) response was a resounding no. (Casey) referenced the poor sales of the blue batting practice jersey.  I immediately reminded (Casey) how low the visibility is for batting practice items probably suppresses sales—especially since the Mets have taken to wearing their snow whites during home spring training games during the last 3 seasons—and (Casey) agreed that it might be a factor, but insisted the market wasn’t there for a blue alternate top. I found that fairly surprising, but (Casey) said they had done extensive research on a blue alternate top and the interest just isn’t there.

Analysis: I don’t buy this for ONE SECOND.  Look at the proof.  All you have to do is a quick search on the Internet and it will turn up Uni Watch, the Chris Creamer discussion boards, MetsBlog, this blog and various other sources with droves of Mets fans who want to see a blue alternate jersey.  Using the batting practice top as an example isn’t fair, as I noted, because if people invest in a jersey, most want it to be one they see the team wear every day. That’s not even going into the fact that the reason why most people scorn the BP jersey (and hats for that matter) is Majestic changes them every couple of years, essentially putting a shelf life on the jersey’s relevance. Their resistance to a blue alternate doesn’t make sense.  Not only would it make them fairly unique (only the Royals, Rangers and Cubs have a solid royal blue alternate), but it would reboot the customer base on everyone who likes a solid jersey, but wants the latest. This one is perplexing, to say the least.

The new cream and dropshadows

I admitted that I had seen the cream alternate in person (at the time, this was a week after it was unveiled) and that it looked gorgeous, except for the black dropshadow. Now, (Casey) did make sure to tell me that they did specifically say it was “retro inspired” but I didn’t really let (Casey) off the hook.

I told (Casey) that I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say this: it’s not so much that the black exists. If it HAS to exist (because it’s so profitable) then I suppose it must. But WHY does it have to touch everything we have (i.e. why can’t we even have a throwback without it?!)

I said the jersey would be perfect without it and the dropshadow also infringes upon the road grays. (Casey) admitted to me that the snow white was (a) personal favorite uniform and asked me if I don’t like the dropshadow on the whites also. I told (Casey) I personally think all the wordmarks look better without the dropshadow, but it looks most egregious on the traditional Mets looks. We briefly discussed the NNOB issue, as some Mets fans wanted the retro uniforms to have No Name on the Back or NNOB, and I told (Casey) I didn’t mind names on the back of the throwback.  (Casey) referenced ’99 when they went NNOB and said they got a lot of complaints that they looked too much like the Yankees. I made sure to stress that I love the cream color pinstripe, because it IS a great idea. I told (Casey) I loved how the cream-tinted flannel that the ‘60s era Mets wore during the final Shea ceremony and at the ’69 championship reunion looked. The current incarnation just isn’t what it could be.

Analysis: I honestly think the Mets just misread the market here.  Their idea was a good one, and as we saw on Opening Day, the cream pinstripes look incredible on the field. My biggest fear before the season was that the Mets would get sub par pinstripe sales this year and say, “Hmm that didn’t sell. Screw it. Kill the pinstripes.” But it appears the new pinstripe is a hot seller, at least from what I saw on Opening Day.  And when I had my new cream jersey on in the stands, I got tons of questions of where people could buy them. A quick tweak of this is an easy fix and I know for a fact it would thrill most traditionalists.

The Charlie Samuels theory

I mentioned the popular belief that the reason the Mets wear black so much is because Charlie Samuels prefers it to blue, a notion (Casey) promptly shot down. (Casey) knows that belief is out there, but Charlie “likes what is clean.” (Casey) took this time to mention Rick Peterson and how what drove Charlie the most insane was when the Mets would be in blue caps and Rick, on a June day when it was 90 degrees, would go trotting out to the mound in his black jacket. Those instances led to the development of the second jacket in blue.

(Casey) said I would be surprised to learn how many players have opinions on which uniform they like. For example, (Casey) referenced Al Leiter and how he always wanted to wear black. (Casey) said Leiter wished the Mets ONLY wore black.

Analysis: WELL, as if the rumors about him having a hand in Kazmir getting traded weren’t enough to hate him, Al Leiter gives us another one.  But this again, I’m not sure I buy.  The Samuels theory is too rampant to be pure myth, but I do have to give him credit: thus far the Mets have worn the designated home uniform for the first two non “special” games. As we’ve said in the comments section, consistency is key.  If he can use the black as an exclusive black Friday jersey, it’ll be a big step forward.

The black and blue hat

One thing I made sure to stress was my hatred for the “road” cap, which often makes its way into the home rotation. I said the WORST look is the snow whites with the black and blue cap. I told (Casey) even if the dropshadow remained on the gray uniform, it would be made instantly more tolerable by being worn with the blue hats. The black cap has sort of always been the bane of my existence. I told (Casey) since the black cap is technically a road cap, it should really stay a road cap if it absolutely has to be there. But I stressed my dislike.

Analysis: That hybrid cap has no place in the scheme.  It’s ugly and it doesn’t serve a purpose.  In the transition years of black incorporation (the Mets unveiled their black alternates in ’98, but did not include the all black cap until ’00), it made sense.  But the all black cap essentially made the hybrid useless. Just look at it this way: does the black/blue cap make the snow whites better or worse?  What about the roads?  What about the pinstripes?  If you answered no to all three (which you should have) it just proves that it has no place. Plus getting rid of it would likely end the run of those garish two toned helmets.


We wrapped up the conversation by asking me about some seemingly random things, such as how we felt when they came out with the orange BP jersey back in 2003, I mentioned the former white outline that used to exist in place of the black dropshadow (the ’97 season I believe was the last year on that) and I even mentioned how the patch on the new “retro-inspired” jersey looks MUCH better than it had been in the past. (Casey) didn’t know of any changes to the patch (it’s truer to the original patch. The Mets script is thicker and the orange baseball stitching is much better), so this could just be a Majestic quality change. (Casey) said if (someone) was going to take two things out of our conversation, it would be get rid of the drop shadow and the black/blue cap. Quite frankly, that would be one giant leap for mankind, in my humble opinion.

So there it is.  The full, dirty details.  Now, I’m not 100% sure how all this added up to “get rid of the piping on the snow whites,” but who knows.  Signs of encouragement: so far in 2010, we have yet to see the hybrid cap.  I expect that will change when the Mets role into Colorado next Tuesday, but they should be given credit for going all blue in first three games of the year. The bad?  It looks like a blue alternate is really on the bottom of the list.  What will 2011 bring aesthetically?  Who knows.  But hopefully the Mets hear our words just like they did with Citi Field.

Shannon’s take:

I agree and understand that black works on civilian-wear.  I don’t quite understand what a merchandise overstock has to do with whether or not 25-40 guys are wearing New York when playing on the road and dressed like a softball team.  I also understand that people tend to want the team name not the city name…so why not go back to the late 70’s and have Mets on the road?   The reason – it looks dumb and lazy that’s why.

Regarding black:  even if black jerseys are a top seller, and black makes for nice outerwear, why the dropshadow?

As for the blue:  I haven’t done any research.  I’m just a fat guy with a laptop.  If we want the team to wear blue then I encourage all of you to buy the blue jerseys that are on sale.  In the team store you’ll find a blue Seaver and if I remember correctly a blue Strawberry.  Let’s buy them!

I don’t know if it’s that the fans don’t like blue jerseys, perhaps they don’t like ugly blue jerseys.  This year’s BP jersey would be a lot better if it didn’t have the underarm nonsense.  That’s an MLB thing not a Mets thing – even though it has black in it it might make for good civilian-wear if it just looked normal.

The Charlie Samuels theory:  I used to blame the pitcher, then a beat reporter (I forget which one) told me it was Charlie’s doing.  Now I am confused.   Charlie if it ain’t you I am sorry dude.

If you’re new to the Mets Police you may want to check out this post about last year’s uniform survey. Please note that article is formatted for this site’s previous design and I have not had a chance to modify it, so it’s a little ugly to look at but you’ll be able to follow it.

Looking back on the uniform survey, I see a pipingless jersey in slide 2, which matches the current rumor.  I also see a darker version of the pinstripes – I guess a lot of people voted for that.

If you scroll down that article you will see that I apparently voted for the pipingless, so I have myself to blame.  I feel like Captain Kirk just caused me to overload my memory circuits.  Well, I give it out enough so you guys can pound me for that.  I’m not going to be phony and change what I said a year ago, although apparently my opinion changed (and I do reserve the right to change my opinions, they are just opinions.)

Also of interest from the survey, the question about renaming the bridge did not include Shea as an option.

Maybe next week, I’ll take another look at the survey and break it down piece by piece.

By the way, I hear nothing but excellent things about Mets customer relations, and Media Goon posted another example last night.  If you write a letter or email they call you back quickly and will engage you in a discussion.  Good job.

We can all disagree on any of the topics we bring up here on Mets Police.  It’s nice that we all do so in a civilized manner.

Above, Brian referenced me Revised Treaty of Flushing uniform suggestion I floated last week.  He also took the time to make the below uni-guide based upon the idea.

48 Replies to “A Uni Conversation with the Mets”

  1. On the blue…I’ve become a big supporter of an all-blue alternate jersey. I have one. I wore it to the game yesterday somewhat to make a statement. I think it’s from the stock of mid-90s BP jerseys (and I’ve seen a few recent pictures leading me to that opinion). It’s NOT from the mid/early ’80s or late-80s/early-90s designs with the various stripes. it’s literally all blue (and full button down) except for the orange Mets script logo outlined in white and the orange/white circular logo on one sleeve (i guess names/numbers would follow the rule of the logo from the front).

    I think the Mets have had their current BP jerseys since 2005. Maybe a slight change. But the reason why these jersey are ugly, in my opinion, and the reason why some alternate caps are just ugly, is that they changed the placement of the colors in those. Take a look at the regular jerseys and caps, and the all-black caps with the current BP jerseys. Black becomes the featured color in the numbering, lettering, and logos. that’s just wrong (and ugly). I also think that’s where the objection to those jerseys from fans comes from. if they had a version of blue with the correct numbering/lettering/logo color scheme, it would look a lot better. with or without black.

    personally, i don’t object to the black drop shaddow because I do think it adds a certain dimension to the jersey, but black in no other place (though as long as the black jerseys and caps have the correct coloring aside from the dominant fabric color, and using white to separate the dark blue and orange colors from the dark black colors – a purely visual thing – it’s ok).

  2. one other thing, and sorry for repeating if I added this to another past last night, but from walking around a few team stores at Citi Field yesterday, I didn’t notice ANY black jerseys for sale. I hope that I’m not making it up and that I wasn’t oblivious to something there. there were the gray road jerseys, the creme colored pinstripes, the snow whites, and even an ugly brown jersey with last year’s Citi Field patch, and lots of the mid-80s style home and alternate blue jerseys. A few Dodgers jerseys in one store (Reese/1 and no number, and maybe Robinson/42). no Giants jerseys (which should be there to go with the Dodgers jerseys).

  3. Nice post and gets to the core of my feelings about the unis: if the Mets just lose the black dropshadow on the unis, I start buying jerseys again – and would probably shut up about the black alternate. I have a closet FULL of Mets jerseys dating back to 1985 (back when it wasn’t so easy to get ‘pro jerseys’, as they were called back then), and, yes, a home pinstripe and road gray from ’98 with dropshadow that I hardly wear because of the black (still kicking myself for not getting those awesome looking ’95-’97 jerseys).
    I stood on line in the team store on opening day, seriously debating buying the new authentic ‘alternate’, but decided to wait in case this lose-the-shadow movement got traction and the Mets actually make a concession. So, yeah, perhaps the jerseys are still selling, some people still want the black, etc, but I wonder if they drop the black from the pinless, alternate and road grays, whether that would spur a spike in sales.

  4. shannon, thanks for posting this. pretty awesome to see the article up!

    RE: a blue jersey. the mets made a push with a “fashion” jersey on MLB Shop in August of 2007. I bought one and it is EXACTLY what a blue alternate should look like. i’ll try to get you guys a picture today.

    and also, yes blue strawberry (i bought one on opening day) and seaver replica ’83 jerseys for sale in the team store. if you’re in the market for a jersey, it’s definitely the way to go.

    RE: the BPs, it’s almost unfair to talk about them in regards to the mets, because all the templates are league and majestic mandated. the mets have had this current BP jersey scheme since 2007 (with the side panels and pull over style.) from ’05-’06, when the BP jersey switched from orange to blue, it had that black shoulder yoking. and, quite frankly, they’ve been pretty ugly. although they’d be instantly made more tolerable by having an orange and white script and lettering.

  5. Some of what I take away from this article:
    1. The Mets are dressing the team based on what they are marketing, which to me, seems backwards.
    2. If the uniform wear schedule is somewhat base on players overall preferences (not really buying this give #1 above) then we should see a lot of the “inspired” pins
    3. While I can believe that a lot of fans like (or are OK with) the black jerseys, I don’t get how the Mets can’t accept the drop-shadow isn’t liked.
    I accept that the drop-shadow can spruce up some marketing material, and that it makes the logo standout in print. But, it definitely doesn’t work on the uniforms. Nothing says the team can’t use the drop-shadow logos for marketing, and use the traditional logos (primary) on the uniforms.

  6. The drop shadow looks terrible on TV. It makes the image of the cursive “Mets” more blurry to viewer. I recently watched a replay of last year’s ’69 Mets reunion. Their unis, without the shadow, looked so much crisper. How do the decision makers not see this?

    Doesn’t the blue BP jersey have “Mets” written in black? Besides the awful MLB/Majestic mandated design, it still has black in it. How can they discredit the sales potential of a blue alternate jersey with these variables?

    I agree with the belief that sales in black jerseys, t-shirts, and hats are mainly for fashion purposes. The Mets marketers can still sell items with black as they do with other fashion offerings.

  7. Can someone explain to me why the team looks like a softball team in the black uni’s but wouldn’t look like a softball team in the blue jerseys? This is the argument I don’t get. If you advocate for the blue jersey (i like the idea) then why would they not look like a softball team. If it is the hybrid hat then you are going to tell me the reds look like a softball team & the braves look one as well.

    Do Reds fans have the same debates and movements among them? They are the original baseball team and have changed their uniforms a lot over time.

    I am in no way saying this debate is useless because I was big on the black jerseys originally but have since grown out of them. I owned a Ventura black replica in 2000 and haven’t bought a single black item of the mets aside from a sweatshirt since. I personally enjoy the classic look which means pinstripes. If there were 1 jersey I hated it and would love to get rid of it would be the all white jersey.

    Where the rep is being a little conceiving and maybe this is the mets as a whole, is they don’t admit that they put the BP jerseys on the out of site. I mean even the Yankees wear the BP jerseys at home during ST and during the season you have to get to the game 3 hours before to see the mets in their BP jerseys.

    I personally like this years BP jersey but wouldn’t go spend the money on it because I know 2 years down the road or even next year there will be new jerseys.

    DyHard mentioned the wrong lettering on jerseys. I have noticed this on the player t-shirts they sell as well. They do have the original all blue t-shirts with proper orange but they also sell a darker blue player t-shirt with blackish lettering which I refuse to by. It just doesn’t look right to me.

  8. They WOULD look like a softball team in blue jerseys.

    I’ll again vote for pinstripes only at home, grey “NEW YORK” jerseys only on the road, and blue caps at all times. I guess I’m in that overwhelming minority.

  9. I know I’m weird with regards to fashion/style, etc. I mean, I liked and still do, most of the ‘quirky’ uniforms from the 80s.

    I don’t think they look like a ‘softball’ team, I think that attitude is a little stubborn because it seems to reflect that they should only dress like it’s the 1940s in two uniforms, pinstripes, etc. It’s the 21st century, time to mix it up, get creative, push the boundaries.

    I don’t mind the dropshadow or the black, but I wouldn’t miss it either. I do own a black jersey, was the first one I’ve ever bought, but since I won the two white pinstriped jerseys from the lottery, I almost never wear it.

    I’d be willing, if you guys want to come up with an “acceptable” blue jersey of the varieties that are available, to buy one to make a point.

  10. Also, I don’t like the name “snow whites” to describe the white jerseys. Always makes me think of Disney and just doesn’t sound right.

  11. Again, based on comments I’ve read in this blog and others, I seem to be in the minority as I do like black as an additional team color.
    Although I think that perhaps the blue-billed black cap has outlived its usefulness (and believe that the cap logo on the all-black cap is far easier to see since it also includes white instead of two dark colors on one another; if they must keep the blue-billed they should really reverse the orange and blue on the logo to make it easier to see or else drop the blue from the logo altogether), I do like the all-black cap and think that it should be used exclusively as the road cap should the team elect to use the blue cap exclusively as the home cap. Actually hate the “Cool-Flo” batting helmets, esp. the hybrid color one they use when wearing the blue-billed caps.
    As far as the uniforms themselves go, I am a big fan of the snow-whites. In my opinion, pinstripes in NY uniforms should be reserved to the Yankees (from whom the Mets originally copied them from). Also, and perhaps they have corrected this, I think pinstripes look bad when the jerseys are “cool base” because the pinstripes are not uniformly thorough out the entire shirt, but instead have “snow white” panels under the arms.
    That being said, I do understand that a great many of the Mets’ fans are attached to the pinstripes and totally doing away with them would stir up a hornet’s nest. Therefore, I would reserve them to special days such as Opening Day and when playing home games on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Otherwise it would be snow-whites with rare use of black jerseys (it they decided to keep them; I would tweak it a bit so that home blacks would have the Mr. Met patch and road blacks would have a “NY” logo patch on the sleeve) at home and road grays with, again, the rare use of black jerseys on the road. No home jersey would have NOB, but all road jerseys would. Orange should NEVER be a primary or major color on any of the caps or jerseys (see, for example, the 2003 BP jersey as worn by Mo Vaughn), but should be used only for accent or piping.
    I believe the reason that BP/Spring Training Jerseys and caps have not been great sellers is because the (horrid) design and marketing is totally from MLB and Majestic. I considered buying the BP jersey of them in 2005 because I really did like the design on that one, but have really disliked the styling they have had since then (esp. the fact that they are not button-up, but instead are basically expensive t-shirts). Also, the reason I have yet to buy a BP/Spring Training cap is because I dislike the material they are using. I have bought the non-structured fitted cotton cap that, basically, was the same as the 2005 BP cap (i.e. black bill, blue crown, black on orange logo). I’ve also purchased all the other caps the Mets use in unstructured fitted cotton rather than either the structured wool (although I also have these and wear them in Winter) or the current polyester they currently use for on-field wear since I find them more comfortable overall.
    As far as outer wear goes, I actually prefer the black and do not see myself purchasing anything in blue.

    1. @Michael, I think you would find my Treaty of Flushing to your liking. There would still be pinstripes and still be black.

      I totally agree the problem with the BP stuff is the MLB-wide design.

    2. Of course, if one wanted to have a throwback alt jersey that isn’t black, they could always model it after the old Giants jerseys (in years when the Giants didn’t use black as a main color) from 1920-1932 (http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/uniforms.asp?league=NL&city=New+York&lowYear=1920&highYear=1932&sort=year&increment=15) or 1936-1946 (http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/uniforms.asp?league=NL&city=New+York&lowYear=1936&highYear=1946&sort=year&increment=12). I prefer the 1941 Home uni with buttons, myself. I would use the same lettering type as these uniforms have, just changing Giant colors to Mets ones (which in many cases only makes you change red to orange). If you must get rid of a black cap, you could model an away blue cap after the 1940-46 one, again changing red to orange. I’d model after the Giants uniforms for a couple of reasons. First, it is easier to model Mets on Giants since the logo is similar. Secondly, the Dodger uniforms from 1925-37 (http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/uniforms.asp?league=NL&city=Brooklyn&lowYear=1925&highYear=1946&sort=year&increment=18)are all over the place design-wise and do not begin to resemble the ones we are familiar. Also, they are for the most part very plain.

      1. Michael welcome. I’m mobile right bow but I’m guessing you are talking about the red white and blue Giants jersey. I have a cheap knockoff Mel Ott 4 I bought on eBay. If u see someone at a game wearing it it’s probably me.

  12. Do the Giants own the black hat/orange NY (the old NY Giants hat) or would that color combo be available to the Mets? I wouldn’t be opposed (if a black uniform is necessary) to the Mets wearing that. To say that it’s another team’s uniform shouldn’t be an issue here, since the NY on the hat was already lifted from the Giants (along with Dodger blue, and Yankee stripes).

      1. I know they sell them — but can the Mets wear them as part of their uniform instead of the current black hat. To me, that Black w/ Orange NY is better than the current Black

        1. @josh yeah the “Giants” look would be better than the current all black. As we all seem to agree, the problem is blue and black don’t mix.

          1. Totally agree with no black. My point was if the Mets stick with Black — which they seem inclined to do — this would be a better “compromise” than the current black hats.

  13. The pinstripes on the Mets jerseys have NOTHING to do with the Yankees.

    The Yankees were not the first team to wear pinstripes and despite their arrogant and moronic fans’ insistence, the Yankees do not “own” the concept of pinstripes on uniforms.

    Pinstripes were first used by teams in 1888

    I think the Mets should wear the pinstripes at home, the greys on the road. Blue caps with both.

    I see no need for the all white uniform in its current design or the rumored future design. I don’t understand why you need 2 home uniforms. I also don’t think the all whites are bad, its just that pinstripes are THE Mets uniform.

    I don’t hate the black uniform, I just hate that they wear it all the time. If it were a TRUE alternative worn once or twice a week, I could deal with it.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind a blue alternative to replace it. Whether my theorectical new alternative is blue or they stay with back, I think it needs a redesign at the very least. Maybe put a “NY” (the Mets NY not the big throwback letters from last year) on the left chest with a number on the right and Mr. Met patch on the sleeve. This way, the alternative is a alternative in both color & design.

    I also hate the “hybrid” cap. I spotted this “fashion” cap not too long ago and I really wish the Mets could use this as their alternative or road cap.

    Tell me that cap doesn’t look great.

    Also, if anyone is looking to pick up a road version of the Mets heavier Therma Base Authentic Jacket, head over to you local Kohl’s. They are marked down 70% off from $120 to $36. I picked one up here in Queens the other day.

    Although the Mets don’t actually wear them (I guess it has no black in it so it is forbidden), its a great deal.
    This is what it looks like BTW:

    1. I don’t really care for that fashion cap, and say that despite owning an ’06 BP cap that is also blue with a black bill.

      A couple of seasons ago, Carlos Gomez took the field in a cap that was assembled incorrectly. Someone goofed and put the all-black cap’s insignia on the blue & black cap. I actually found it to be an improvement over the current hybrid:


      I’d be OK with that as an alternate/road cap. I’d still want blue sleeves & socks with the road greys, though.

  14. I’m with Made in the Shea. Pinstripes home, grey New York on road. So many stories on the uniforms, I thought I was bad bringing up the black outfield walls so many times. Black uniforms are ugly………..color of all walls at Citifield are ugly, as I said make them the color of the dark blue that was color of the box that containt the apple opening day giveaway.

    And in the 2nd season I can deal with the quirks of RF. LF its not the height of wall, its all the ads and retired numbers, championship banners. If you think that looks good, well I dont know what to day. And the double padding due to 16 feet. Why cant just make its padded 8 feet up? Looked like a tufted sofa out there…….lol.

    1. Yes I remember those snow white hats. I think they were introduced in 1997, first worn at the ceremony to announce that Jackie Robinson’s # was going to be retired for all teams. As I recall, the Mets did not wear them too often that season and never wore in subsequent years.

  15. Onething that bothers me is the red memorial day caps. grr. Every team has one of red white or blue in their scheme. use it.

    1. This year the MLB Memorial Day/July 4th is rumored to have a White crown, with the red/white/blue (red/white for Toronto) team logos, and a colored bill (which may or may not be a traditional team color)

      I believe in the last couple of days one was shown over at Uni-Watch

  16. it’s a white crown with a navy blue bill and the usual stars and stripes logo.

  17. I like the pinstripes (it’s very NY,) but I am not really attached to them…if they go fine…I am not really that fond of the black–BUT the jersey, whatever color MUST have the players name on it!!! Just the number is not enough! Keep the names, please!

    1. I think that the road jerseys should always have the player’s name. But fans should know their own player’s number, so I’m not for NOB of home jerseys.

  18. I despise all use of black in the uniforms as well as all forms of drop-shadowing (no matter the colors). It is nice to know that Howie is there battling for us.

    Also, the Mets’ pinstriping is different than that of the Yankees – look at the sleeves of each team the next the Yankees are at home and whenever the hell the Mets decide to wear pinstripes.

  19. Really interesting piece, thanks to Shannon and Brian for putting it up. A Blue cap with a black brim would be much better in my opinion and again it would bring in more revenue.

    I know the Mets have pretty much ruled out a new blue jersey but what do you guys think of a design similar track top as the basis for a new blue road alternate (without the piping)

    I think the white script on the blue looks very sharp and I’m very tempted to buy the jacket!

  20. @ Jamie…That’s an awesome Jacket…I’m probably going to pick one up myself. @ Shannon and Brian this was an awesome and needed read during the day after an off day. The Treaty of Flushing would be GREAT if the Mets would accept it. But I would go even further in letting them keep their silly and pointless dropshadow, just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE kill the TWO TONED HYBRID Cap. After reading Brian’s interview with “Casey”, I further see absolutely no point at all for the Hybrid fitted. This is further reinforced by the fact that none of the people who commented on this article supported the hybrid. I wish that we could just find out from New Era if the hybrid is a big seller compared to the blue or black fitted. That I doubt. Like I said before if the Mets could accept the Treaty of Flushing GREAT!!!…If not Just kill the Hybrid and win some games!!! P.S. Not only was I upset that they lost Sunday’s game to the Nats, but the fact that wore the stupid Hybrid while losing the game was just the icing the melted cake. The fact that they hadn’t worn it until Sunday had me hoping that they had given up on it for 2010. NOT!!!…Damn It!

        1. True, but the uniforms perform the same no matter how long they’ve not been on the field. 🙂

  21. How completely idiotic is to have your baseball team wear a certain because it outsells another. Did it ever cross their mind that people like wearing dark colored shirts? I’m pretty sure black outsells white (or creme) in casual wear department.

    I hate the black jersey but if I had to chose between wearing a white shirt or black shirt out I usually go black.

    Maybe they need to ask fans which jersey they want to the Mets wear. Every real Met fan I know hates the use of black. Only the casual fan has ever said to me that they like the black.

    1. i’d wear a nice black mets jersey. it’s a very sharp looking jersey, but NEVER like seeing my Mets play in it.

      Please Mets, ditch all black jerseys, hats, socks, sleeves and even the black shadow on the lettering now!

      The fans are true to the orange and blue!

  22. http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-Mets-No-More-Black/192971360738773 follow the link and become part of the “minority” that hates the black. Is it so hard to wear pinstripes at home, grey on the road all the with blue cap and maybe sell black stuff but keep it off the field? I have a replica of the alternate and I hate to wear it because it has the drop shadow. When ever you go to a game be sure to wear your BLUE hat and a PINSTRIPE jersey show these marketing ya-hoos that the pinstripes are the CLASSIC METS look and they started their existence with NNOB. Names on jerseys were only done for TV. IF you truly love your team then you should know your favorite player’s number without having to read their name on the back.

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