The Hybrid Mets Cap Box

Fascinating video….tip of a blue cap to Uni Watch for posting this last week.  Apparently this is how they pack up the hybrids.

I think I need to make like Burn Notice and dress up like the hat collector….then escape with the box to a nearby firepit.

As part of my financially-neutral position when it comes to critiquing the Mets, I could buy 35 replacement fitteds (blue).

If it costs me like $875 to rid the universe of these I’m in. Name the charity Jeff, I’ll write the check and I bet I can get a few other folks to donate.

Did I mention next year is the 50th season for the franchise?  What a great time to go true-retro.

2 Replies to “The Hybrid Mets Cap Box”

  1. I saw that after that particular game, and I don’t get it. Just don’t wear the road caps at home, and you wouldn’t have to worry about setting up a receiving line. You could just pack the things whenever.

    Is it possible they wear them on getaway day to break the caps back in after they’ve stiffened up during home stands? Just a thought.

  2. AMEN! Bring back real Mets uniforms all the time. No black, no Dodgers, just Mets.

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