MLB Alternate BP Hats

First of all let me thank you guys for sending stuff in. It is making my life so much easier while Shannon was pretending to be Tom Hanks in the movie the Terminal yesterday.
Brian was nice enough to send this in. The MLB came out with alternate versions of the team batting caps.
As you can see here they took away the black from the logo and added orange to the bill.

I am guessing Shannon will probably say he likes it better then the original ones but still doesn’t like the black lines.I am just guessing at that.

What do you guys think of this?

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  1. well i know i’m partial, since i sent this in. but i disagree. not too much orange. orange is the second primary color. so, based on the current MLB BP cap template, this IS what the BP hat should look like. and i hope they change to this next year (because according to whispers that Uni Watch reported today, the BP jerseys are changing next year, so maybe new hats, too…). this is a major upgrade in my opinion. so much so that i purchased one right away.

    1. I saw the Uni Watch article this morning too. They’re getting button down BP jerseys again. I’ve found, unfortunately, that just because something is changing doesn’t mean I’m going to necessarily like the change. I’ve felt that way about the need for BP caps and jerseys for years. They keep changing and keep getting worse (although I do think that even though the current BP cap, like all of them in MLB, is horrid it is still preferable to the one that they had last year, but still worse than the one they had before that).
      I don’t like the material they make these things with anyhow, which is what has kept me from buying any of them.

  2. If they’d looked like that from the start, I may have thought about buying one.

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