Greetings from…the land without the Mets

I am in a faraway land where there are weeds growing on the outfield fence, and the pizza is weird but at least the caps are blue. (and there’s some “other team” in a horrible generic stadium where the pitcher doesn’t bat).

I can’t tell you how much it stinks to have no feel for this game tonight.

I can’t watch for sure, I cant even listen. I have to go out now and will be out until all hours of the night as I entertain clients (with adult beverages). I did that last night and didn’t even have the energy to see what was happening over here when I got in.

Tomorrow I will go undercover and see what these people do in their confines.

Thanks for sending stuff in. Let me know what happens in the Mets Police world of jerseys and honorable behavior. Media Goon is still in charge. Thanks kids!

As for the Ike Davis “jersey” – many say it’s a shirt. A black Ike t-shirt? Haven’t seen those in the wild. Have you?

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  1. A nice night to be a Mets fan so far, up 4-0 going into the bottom of the ninth as I type this. The game was tense until we kind of broke it open in the eighth and added another run in the ninth.

    The Davis shirts have been around for a month at least in both black and blue and I’ve seen both at Citi and also in Baltimore last weekend.

    1. Well mrs mets police tells me that the Internet isn’t working, right after the electrician came, and i tried to explain to her about power supplies to routers… I doubt there are snacks.

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