Alternate Reality Baseball Caps

Lets pretend for a second that its 2010 in a new alternate timeline, kind of like a reboot just like in the new Star Trek movie.
New Era has these caps that use familiar color schemes but for their “cross town” rivals.

Click the pics for a full view.

I picture The Dodgers moving to San Fran, The Giants moving to LA, The Mets having won 27 chamionships, and The Yankees being the expansion team in 1962 in the Bronx.

Thanks to Matthew and Michael in comments for sending us these pics.

5 Replies to “Alternate Reality Baseball Caps”

  1. I’m not sure how it works in Cali between fans of the various franchises, but why would any NY fan of either team possibly want to wear one of these? You’re a Mets fan who secretly wants to be a Yankee fan, or vice versa? WTF are they thinking when they make these?

  2. I am a fan of the classic Yankee hat. It’s a sharp looking. Seeing the Mets NY on it just doesn’t look right though. The LA hat just looks awkward too.

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