Need YOUR help for the Subway Series

I need your help.

I’m out of town for the Subway Series.

I can still do the blog. I have plenty pre-written and can do current-topics and comments over my phone and have been doing that the past few days.

What I can’t do is “feel it.” If Howie rips the unis I won’t hear it. If Keith falls alseep I won’t see it. If people want to lynch McCarver I won’t be on Twitter to retweet (well maybe I will).

How you can help:

If you read the site every day you know what I write about. Many of you send in great articles every day.

Watch my back.  Be the guest host.

If something annoys you write it up and email it to me at [email protected]

It’s very easy for me to cut and paste and post.

Media Goon will mind the store in case Lee Mazzilli throws out the first pitch in a Yankee uniform.

I’m not dead or vacationing I just won’t be near Howie or SNY.  Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance, and this isn’t until the Yankee series. I’m on duty until then.

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  1. I don’t know if you have an iPhone but if you do, there is an “MLB at bat 2010” app that allows you to listen to the radio broadcast of the game. I got it and I love it.

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