The Yankee Hybrid

Ben sent me an email…

I am sitting in one of my favorite cafes. The front is open to the street. All of sudden one of the cafes workers come up from the cellar. A typical city thing. He is wearing a baseball cap. I see it mostly from behind. It is black. It has a blue button and I see the brim peaking around the side and it is blue. And a very familiar blue. Then he turns around and surprise of surprises, a white Yankee NY. I said to myself, “Now that’s a hybrid. An awful hybrid.” I wish I had my phone. I left it home charging. I would have loved to send it to you. Oh well. Perhaps next time.

I suspect this photo is it. If you ever wondered what Jeff Steinbrenner would be like…

Now Mets fans I have an idea.


We have been told the Mets wear hybrids because they sell. Then let’s get the Yankees to wear them. If they don’t we’ll prove that (a) it’s possible to sell caps without wearing them or (b) the Yankees sigh have more uniform integrity. I guess the other scenario is that the Yankees start wearing these, which would be a hoot and a holler anyway.


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  1. First of all, I totally agree that this Yankee hybrid is horrid. If I were a Yankee fan I would feel the same way. I think that this is one of New Era’s attempts over the past years to match a team cap with logo with colors of it’s rivals (I think they were called MLB Twisted). Another example is this (which you may like) – or, on the other hand, there is this – . Also, for the Dodgers, there is this – and for the Giants, this – .
    Secondly, I will never purposefully buy anything related to the boys from the Bronx, unless they are shown in conjunction with something else historic and good(for example I have a cap from the 2004 ALCS which I love!).

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