You own this Mets jersey: Gary Matthews Junior

Yes kids, there is one person in the world with a Gary Matthews Junior jersey…

You didn’t someone actually owned one did you?  Just having fun on a Saturday.   Heading to Wrigley Field for some Cubs Policing, a beer or two and a sausage.

5 Replies to “You own this Mets jersey: Gary Matthews Junior”

    1. Ceetar you are correct. I was using Queensian terminology. Also my use of “subway” to describe an above ground track based transit system bothers people.

  1. I actually sa someone not too long ago with a Razor Shines jersey. If someone out there has a Razor jersey, some civilian has to have a Matthews jersey.

  2. I don’t know why it jumps out at me in this particular photo after seeing it on TV a thousand times, but the hybrid cap with a home uni is even uglier from behind.

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