Anyone wanna guess what color Mets napkins are?

Will is trying to upset me.  He sent this over yesterday:

Hey Shannon – I’m visiting my girlfriend’s family for Fathers Day and I just made an irksome discovery.

In the local party store, i found officially licensed Mets party napkins designed to look like a uniform jersey. Guess what color they are?

Let’s see.  Napkins are usually white.   So I will guess white.   What would look good on white….maybe a nice traditional Mets logo.  Maybe the NY?  Maybe Mets?   Yep, I’ll guess white with a nice blue Mets in the traditional home font.  Let’s take a look…

One Reply to “Anyone wanna guess what color Mets napkins are?”

  1. i will have to take a picture and sent it over. My wife threw me a small surprise party and bought Mets plates, napkins and cups. main color was blue and not sure there was a hint of black.

    Will get a picture to you via twitter when I get home

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