Living Behind Enemy Lines

Long time readers to Mets Police will recognize me and may have noticed that I haven’t been around much the last few months.  Truth of the matter is I took a leave of absence from the force for a while because – and it pains me to say this – my wife and I moved out of Queens and down to the Philadelphia area.

Yes, I am now living behind enemy lines in Phillies country.

I’m surrounded by Phillie red – almost makes me miss the black drop shadow (Sorry Shannon).

But thankfully this is the 21st century and even though I may be trapped like a POW, with all the tools and information available I prefer to think of myself as a Col. Hogan down here (too old a reference for some?).  So every now and then I’ll try and pass along observations from behind the Red Curtain.

Now where’s my Red Cross care package?

5 Replies to “Living Behind Enemy Lines”

  1. OK – that reference wasn’t too old for the readers. And Sgt. Schultz could be Carlos Ruiz (the catcher – he lets everyone ‘escape’.)

  2. Welcome to hell. I work in bucks county (the suburbs due north of philadelphia) and have to deal with these miserable fans everyday at work. What makes matters worse is all other NY/NJ transplants are usually yankee fans. So you got two groups of obnoxious fans in one geographic region. Finding another mets fan around here like finding a buried treasure. At least I have this blog.

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