New Mitchell & Ness BP Jerseys in Mets Blue

Well, I’m confident the Mets won’t blow 10-0, Keith is talking about leaving and I’m kinda sleepy…so I’m heading off to Howie & The Pillow and leave you with this:

Mitchell & Ness have new “Authentic Mesh Batting Practice Jerseys” for $80.

As you know, blue jerseys would never sell…only black does….so there’s no reason to click this link and get yourself a 16, 17, 18 or 1.

Speaking of blue, my favorite Met Jon Niese snapped the Horrible Streak Of Wearing Black at 3.   Thank you Jon.

Those of you from uptown might be interested in the Mitchell & Ness NYY #23 in honor of the bench coach of the Dodgers.  (By the way I am looking forward to “the media” writing generic Torre articles on Friday when the NYY’s play the Formerly Brooklyns.)

(Hey Media Goon, if the Mets blow 10-0 delete this post so they don’t make fun of me.)

4 Replies to “New Mitchell & Ness BP Jerseys in Mets Blue”

  1. i got a keith one. and i even got my yankees fan best friend (i’m his best man in his wedding next month) the mattingly one for a special wedding present.

    keep buying blue, guys!

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