Cool Ralph Kiner article

Those Faith and Fear guys (with their fancy awesome book deal and their ability to write more than a paragraph without linking to an alternate cap or mentioning uniforms) have written another gem about The Awesomeness of Ralph Kiner.

Why choose a sweltering (yesterday) in late June to celebrate Ralph Kiner? Why not? Is there a bad time? The Mets gave Ralph his own night three Julys ago. They can give him another one anytime and it would be perfectly appropriate.

Ralph rose to his rightful place in my consciousness once again on Sunday afternoon when he contributed six innings of analysis on SNY. He joined Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez in the Ralph Kiner Television Booth, which makes sense since Ralph pretty much owned the whole six innings right from the start.

Do yourself a favor and read it.  In fact, the weather is Hall of Fame good today, go take a “smoke break” and read it on your phone outside.   The boss can wait.


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