Even the Yankee fans

Kids, as you know about once a week I go on and on about the young Dwight Gooden.


I’m calling time out on my own post.

1.  Why do I always say “kids…”?   It’s an homage to How I Met Your Mother.  I would like SNY to produce rain delay filler called “How I Met the Mets.”   There should be two kids sitting on a couch, and we hear Howie Rose’s voice tell us about stuff like Rusty Staub or Lee Mazzilli…and then we see re-packaged highlights.  I don’t know how much exists from the 1970’s but I bet the decade of the 00’s exists and that’s sure as hell better than a fat guy asking trivia questions.

Howie:  Kids, let me tell you about Endy Chavez….

2.  I realize I go on and on about Gooden once a week.  Here’s the pattern:  Gooden, black uniforms, complain about something, black uniforms again, some crappy alternate cap picture, actual new news, complain about something, wax poetic about Seaver, attend a game and post 100 photos from the stores, make fun of some jersey, Lee Mazzilli story, black uniforms…repeat.   This formula has worked for three seasons.   People seem to like it.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Now back to the “Even the Yankee fans” article, already in progress:

I noticed that the blog 11th and Washington wrote:

I’d like to experience just one of Strasburg’s starts this year first-hand, whether in D.C. or elsewhere, because I was a bit too young to have seen Dwight Gooden in the mid-80s. First mentioned by Mets Police and echoed this week by Marty Noble, Gooden on a Friday night at Shea was an event (and “Gooden on a Friday night” should be the name of an essay or a play or something). I remember the buzz when Pedro Martinezwould pitch a few years ago, and I have no doubt that the anticipation for Gooden’s starts was much more elevated.

Which made me want to see what Marty Noble wrote:

Gooden on a Friday night at Shea — regardless of opponent — was unlike any other regular-season combat except Yankees-Red Sox, occasional Giants-Dodgers series and some Cubs-Cardinals confrontations. If it were Shea and Friday, Gooden vs. Any Team was Lakers-Celtics, Ali-Frazier, Duke-UNC, Tiger-Lefty and anything the domain of Roger Goodell can fathom.

Marty’s piece is really enjoyable, and it will remind you kids that Gooden was bigger than Seaver for a while, and even the Yankee fans respected.  Even the Yankee fans.

Oh, the Yankees came up with their own Gooden.   Jose Rijo.  We’ll talk about that some other day.

Even the Yankee fans respected.  Even the Yankee fans.

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