Photos of Mets stuff in the Yankees Museum

Some more photos from Peter.  These are from the museum at Fake New Yankee Stadium* and you can find Peter’s full gallery here.

So I was thinking about FNYS.  Is it better than…..

Citi Field?  Nope.

Citizens Bank?  Nope.

Fenway?  Nope.

Wrigley?  Nope.

Camden?  Nope.

Dodger?  Nope.

Anaheim?  Nope.

Anyone want to add to the list?

3 Replies to “Photos of Mets stuff in the Yankees Museum”

  1. I second Ceetar. I also don’t think it’s better than Nats Park or Minute Maid. And, frankly, it might not even be better than Turner, which is hard for me to say.

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